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    I find it so interesting how people on AB/DL forums don't care if you wear diapers full time as a parent and wear them out in public but go on Fetlife, people who are AB/DL are so critical about it. Even my last therapist didn't have a problem with it and she knew I wanted to have kids. Lot of people I know online don't seem to care about it and my parents don't seem to care either because they never say anything about it. I do keep it private from them but they still know about it because they have caught me changing and have seen them in the washer and dryer and in my closet and the smell in my room until I bought some air freshener.

    Okay I am not going to lie, I have used sippy cups in front of my son because he hands it to me and I take a sip out of I and hand it back to him and I also do it to see if any is coming out.
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    Maybe because they see it more as a sexual thing while us forum folk see it more as a lifestyle. Almost everything on there is about fetish's from the little experience I have with it. Seems like miss placed good intentions to me.
    Also I'm pretty sure any good mother could attest to using their child's sippy cup once in a while.

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    Calico, first let me say I'm completely okay with what you do as well. I think as long as you are a good parent to your children, what you wear makes no difference at all. I am curious, however, when you son is old enough to understand that "big kids don't wear diapers", how will you explain your particular interest?

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    Honestly, that's sort of closed minded of them...especially since they are, pretty much by definition, a site that encourages open-mindedness. I think, as mentioned above, part of it is that it's more of a sexual thing to many (though not all) on that site compared to here, where it's generally less so for a lot of members. And their view is pretty much that your sexual fetish is cool, as long as you keep it private or amongst like minded individuals, which the AB's on the site seem to take to heart as well.

    My general rule of thumb in life is that as long as you aren't hurting anyone, physically or emotionally, do what you will. To that effect, I think a bit of discretion is in order when out in public (for instance, don't walk around outside in just a diaper and a T-shirt or in big baby clothes), however, saying you should only wear at home is sort of silly. As long as you keep it discreet while in a public place, who cares? I don't really understand the hate for that, regardless of whether you have a child or not. You can wear under clothing or even wear slightly more childish clothing whilst still maintaining a generally acceptable "adult" appearance in public. I see nothing wrong with that.

    I think telling people should be up to the individual. Personally, I don't see the need to tell people I know beyond perhaps a significant other, considering it's really no one else's business, but other people might. Good for them. It doesn't effect me in the least, and I don't see the harm in it if it is really what they want, so more power to them.

    I just don't get the human tendency to want to stick noses in other people's business and tell them what they are doing wrong or how they should or shouldn't live their life. If everyone were more understanding and spent less energy worrying about what Jack across the street was doing, the world would be a much nicer and cozier place.

    Well that and more people should give hugs. Hugs are warm and fuzzy too

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    Calico, first let me say I'm completely okay with what you do as well. I think as long as you are a good parent to your children, what you wear makes no difference at all. I am curious, however, when you son is old enough to understand that "big kids don't wear diapers", how will you explain your particular interest?

    I will tell him some people need to wear them because they have bladder problems or problems with their bowels and some women wear them for their heavy periods because pads and tampons aren't good enough to keep their clothes clean from the blood and some older people wet the bed so they wear them to bed. I am not going to tell him I like wearing them and I feel happy in them or else he may not understand why he can't war them and I can for that reason. It's no different than handicapped kids wearing them and the small child sees their diapers. I didn't care about it so I never asked when I was little because it never occurred to me. I just thought they wore them because they did and no one else did except for babies. Maybe my son will think mommies wear diapers and then he will find out other moms don't wear them. He may just think I am a bit weird or just think only I wear them and other moms don't except for babies. That's how kids think. Just like if you have an older child in diapers due to their disability or just them having incontinence or due to bedwetting, how do you explain to the younger child about big kids don't wear diapers? See, same thing. You just explain it to them about how some people can't control their bladder or bowels or because they wet the bed so they need to wear them. It's no different than explaining why some people wear glasses or use wheelchairs or crutches or canes or scooters, or braces, or why they poke themselves or inject themselves with a needle or even explaining why you as a woman are wearing a pad or using a tampon or soft cup. Maybe just maybe when he is older, I can be more honest about why people also wear diapers and it be because some like to for the comfort or security and some do it for sexual pleasure and use them for sexual activities and that be no different than explaining sex to him. But I don't think he would want to know I wear them for that reason or that his dad changes me sometimes or that we do daddy little girl stuff and it's private anyway because you don't tell you kids how you and your partner have sex because they also wouldn't want to know. I sure don't want to know about my parents sex life so I am sure my son wouldn't want to know about my diaper life or that I wear them for fun because I have seen people mention on here that they be weird out by their parents liking them so I sure wouldn't let my son know that about me.

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