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Thread: Wife found my personal diaper pictures

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    Default Wife found my personal diaper pictures

    Me and my wife just got married on October 6 of this year but we've been dating for year and 2 months now. I'm 28 and she is 31 and she was on my computer yesterday and came across my personal diaper pictures. She asked me what was this and I told her it was a fetish that that I was into. It was awkward for a few minutes but I had to leave for an appointment. I apologize to her that she had found then and I stated that we could talk later and she said okay. She said she loves me but she needed to process the information. What do I do? I have not been padded since we started to date due to money and we have a 6 year old daughter from her prior relationship.

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    Probably best to sit down and explain and communicate and see where it goes from there. She's probably not going to want anything to do with it. But who knows she might be ok with it.

    Best of luck.

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    Explain to her all about the interest, from start to finish. Direct her here if she has any questions. Pleanty of significant others have said this place is a load of help in helping them understand the fetish.

    I think if you explain it from top to bottom, answering any questions she has, she might do enough investigating online, and be ok with it. She might find an extra couple of bucks lying around to help out

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    Default Wife found my personal diaper pictures

    picture of me. This is what she said "So...I've been thinking on this whole situation. I know I have over reacted to finding those pictures. I've been pondering why. What I've figured out is, its not the pictures that upset me. It's that I felt like I don't really know who you are. I was surprised. I shouldn't be surprised. I should know that kind of stuff. I'm just constantly wondering what else I don't know. What other surprises are gonna pop up? I'm having severe trust issues w u right now. I've never had that w u before and I want to fix it." I was embarrassed when she found the pictures because I had not told her about that fetish but In a way I'm happy that you found it because it felt like a lot of relief was taken off my shoulders. And I was totally honest with her about the fetish but now I have to work on the trust issues. I will keep you guys all updated. Thanks

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    I guess this is why there's that saying "Be honest from the beginning"?

    Not saying you should spill it on the first, 2nd or even 3rd day. But surely sometime before two people get married.

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    Default Wife found my personal diaper pictures

    Totally understand that now Fire2box. I should have told her along time ago just was worried about rejection I guess.

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    Have you explained to her why you didn't tell her? Sometimes when you explain things to someone, they understand and then tell you to be more upfront with them from now on. It's good she wasn't upset because you wear them and are into it. If someone got upset with me after finding out they are into it, that would just make me think "That is why I never told you. I knew you may not accept it and I was right."

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    Default Wife found my personal diaper pictures

    @Calico I told her I didn't tell her because I was embarrassed and worried about rejection. She was more hurt than anything since I did not lie to her I just didn't tell her upfront.

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    Default Wife found my personal diaper pictures

    Maybe this will be a foot in the door for fun down the road but she has had issues with past relationships on trust issues and is very skiddish and worried now.

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