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    Default Hey there

    Just browsing around, reading your reviews on stuff and such and got prompted to make an account, so here I am. I play the vidya, waste too much money on Magic: The Gathering, and watch a lot of cartoons on Netflix. It'll be nice to get to know you guys, thanks for already being cool.

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    Magic really is an expensive addiction isn't it? I'm super hooked too...what formats do you play?

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    I really can only afford standard, and even that's a stretch when unemployed haha. I dont have all that many high tier cards, but I make do. My FNM deck is a GW soldier deck that can turn three if set up right haha.

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    That Soldier deck is pretty intense, rancor and War Falcoln can really really get some damage in quickly. Too bad Mirran Crusader isn't standard anymore :P

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    If only haha, course with the proc. from green no rancor =/ I'm working on a gw defender tokens. Testing on cockatrice it hasn't lost yet so I'm hopeful.

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    First off: Welcome!
    What videogames do you play mostly?

    As an avid YuGiOh player, I have played MtG once, and it seemed far too much reliant on your luck with drawing the right cards than on actual strategies.. Could just be me tho Card Games For President!

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    I play too many video games to name, but recently Borderlands 2, MGS HD collection (mostly 3), Silent Hill 2, Disgea 2, Dark Souls, Dues ex (and human revolution), some random freeware rouge-likes, Spyro, Secret of Mana, and Sword of mana. Seeing this list makes me feel like I need to cut back haha.

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