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Thread: Awesome diaper deals (too good not to post)!!

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    Default Awesome diaper deals (too good not to post)!!

    Just spotted this gem on Gumtree Australia:

    ULTRA ABSORBENT INCONTINENCE PADS MEDIUM UP TO 130CMS | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast North - Hollywell

    The ad is for 5 packs of Kendall Lille supreme fit maxi briefs in medium size. These are the old plastic backed type, before they changed to the crappy cloth cover.

    They are going for just $5 a pack!!! Retail would normally be $30+ per pack.

    This is not in my state, but I thought this was way too good a deal not to post. Hopefully some lucky local DL will spot this deal and score a rare bargain!

    So, anyone else see a diaper bargain that they can't take advantage of?? Someone here might just thank you for it

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    The old Lille plastic backed nappies are great. The Maxis are no longer available here (UK) but you can still get Regular and Super. That's an amazing deal.

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    When you say regular and super are available in the uk do you mean plastic backed regular and super??? I had the regular plastic and they were lovely but bought maxis about 12 months ago which turned out to be cloth. Cloth just doesn't work for me. Not a turn on at all and never to be bought again. I assumed that all Lille were now cloth so don't buy them now. I've given up on abri form for same reason, as I understand all are cloth?

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    Those are great. It's what I wear to bed every night.
    I have the new version that is cloth covered. New package too. But still the same greate diaper.

    The only downside is that the cloth is letting air flow and it does not have a plastic backing. So if you sit on a wet diaper, it will eventually seap trough and wet the chair.

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