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Thread: Curious if any other Sissies are this way

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    Default Curious if any other Sissies are this way

    I was wondering if any other sissies are like this or not. So I have been Sociology in school this semester and came across something interesting. It says that men and women speak differently in public and in private. For men, they do better speaking in public, but in private they don't talk much at all. Women, on the other hand, speak more in private than in public. Even though, I'm a guy, I actually fall into the category that usually associated with women. I barely talk in public, but when I get home I can sometimes talk non-stop.

    So are there any other sissies that are like this?

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    I fall under the same category as you Belle, in pubic I don't or hardly ever ever say a word but in private or 1 on 1 sometimes I find I ramble on and on hehe

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    I'm not a sissy, just your regular girl, but those who have met me will attest to the fact that I NEVER shut up, whether that be in public, in private or just on my tod!

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    It's not very extreme with me, but I definitely talk more in a private scenario.

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    Being an educator and a music director, I definitely talk more in public, and then I'm a lot more quiet at home because it's just me and my wife. I'm a social animal, so I have no trouble talking in public, social situations. At home, I enjoy the peace and quiet, and I can be very happy sitting at my computer with something playing on the surround sound.

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    I am a guy and I do not speak much in public at all.
    A little more in private but still not a ton.

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    I have been told I do not know when to stop talking before but I think is because I fear the awkwardness of silence in someway, whether in public or private.

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    I tend to talk more in private mostly due to my shyness.

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    I guess I kind of lucked out, the best of both worlds, I speak well in public and in private. Although if I'm uncomfortable that can turn into rambling which will head off towards tangents and.. Yeah. But I really do see no difference between my public or private speaking.

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    I am an aspie (aspergers) and as one friend said quoting the big green guy "the trick is getting him to shut up". I do however now that I am out as transgender not supress some of the more emotional talk. Most of M to F grew up under the "BOY CODE" which is very restrictive. During a women's and gender study class taught by a self professed butch dyke who was going on about male privileged, and yes I do agree that it happens a lot, I said what about female privilege. The professor did a physical double take and asked what I meant, (she knew I was trans) and I enumerated if in drab I hug another guy, or cry at a movie or am unsure or...
    One of the compensations I learned growing up as an aspie was that I don't do boredom and to keep from being bored on a job that I could get folks to talk about themselves and most every one has a story, the guy who was a kite flying expert or the hot air balloonist or the marine architect who happens to be trans and into BDSM.

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