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Thread: Fear of anything?

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    Default Fear of anything?

    Is there anything you fear or are scard of? I will start for 14 years of my life my mom dated this guy and he put fear in me meaning that he yelled at me alot and so on and i still have that fear in me today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chance View Post
    Nearly thirteen years now and I'm still afraid of IT.
    They all float down here!

    I found "It" to be hilariously funny.

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    The book was much better than the movie. I hate bees and especially wasps. They'll sting you with very little provocation. I also don't like heights, though I can manage high places. The older I get, the less things I fear. I guess it's knowing that death waits around the corner, and what's scarier than that! At the same time, I'm beginning to feel that something greater than death also waits around that same corner.

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    I am afraid heights, namely falling from them. Not afraid of death, but can't really say that 100% since I have not been faced with least not that I can remember : p

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    Heights, although rock climbing is slowly helping with that. I also dislike wasp/bee stings. And spiders.

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    I'm afraid of car alarm sounds. Any Arthropod Animals, Being left alone in a dark.

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    Being hit by a car again. Don't need any more implants. Not much else bothers me ant more.

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    I am scared to DEATH of people in my real world finding out that, not only have I soiled myself as an adult, but that I've done it on purpose and liked it! My first time in an adult diaper was on November 8, 2012, and I haven't done it again since. I was trembling to the point of almost going into convulsions as I cleaned myself and discarded it in such a way that I didn't get caught (WHEW, lucky me).

    But my absolute worst fear of all is the thought of getting pregnant (tocophobia?), because as an FtM Transgender "boi," that would be the most humiliating (and "emasculating") experience I could ever have!!! My greatest hope would be to not only deepen my voice with testosterone and have my chest made flat, but to surgically stop my monthly visits in order to make this a biological impossibility like it is for XY men, who take that fact for granted.
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