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Thread: Been A While.

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    Default Been A While.

    No I haven't forgottern about this place. Just been away for a while.

    Catching up on my free time and being very bored now.

    Hi again.

    12546 posts to read. I think I'll skip that!

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    *hops around* Mickal!
    SQueee! HIIIIII!

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    Hi there friend

    I thought it was sort of quiet around here

    So welcome back from your journey or whatever, and delve back into Adisc content, selectively

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    Thank you both. I just relieased that I'm 2 years old here! Wheres my cake?!

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    Good to see you back around here.

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    I must say that I had noticed your absence and it is nice for you to be back. Now, get posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    Now, get posting!
    And I hereby present you with this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    *prods with cattle prod*
    Ow! ...meanie.

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