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Thread: Things you can't stand :pizza:

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    Default Things you can't stand :pizza:

    So, what do you find unbearable?

    Shoes on a bed, couch, clothes, anything that isn't the immediate floor. Ugh, and the table, too.

    When people mispronounce things when they know damn well how to.

    That Gangam Style song.

    When Bob Dylan whips out his harmonica. Uck.

    When people cry wicked easily, and you have to walk on egg shells around them.

    The words morning, mountain, dew (this however excludes Mountain Dew), fresh, cole slaw... Oh Christ, there are many more annoying words.

    People who get all uppity about things that don't matter.

    White knights.

    That BTK guy- he took up the time slot for a more interesting serial killer, that asshole.

    Those stupid bath mats that go inside the tub.

    When someone leaves ridiculous food items in the sink, and other things that do not belong there, especially bread.

    Looking for something only to find that you had it all along.

    That guy who rides his dirt bike in circles for hours next door. I hate that prick.

    When people get snippy when they really shouldn't at all.

    People who park their shopping carts horizontally in the middle of the supermarket isles.

    When people don't clean up after themselves.


    People who talk at you. Can't get a word in, and they're talking about something incredibly lame, like what Jody said to Alice and.... I don't know either of those assholes.

    Talking on the phone. Screw that.

    When box wine somehow lasts three days, and it tastes kind of weird.

    When mugs slip and break when you wash them.

    Pretentious people.

    Chicks complaining about their weight. Come on.

    Well, that's all I can think of right now, but I could shoot off thousands more. Anyone else?

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    People who complain about all the little stuff they dont like. (Kidding!)

    Anyways the single thing I hate the most right now is the general media's overblown coverage on the flavor of the week. the CIA director/ 4 star general scandal, iseral air striking a Hamas leader into hell and hamas/Gaza being all like "OH NO U DIDN'T GIRLFRIEND!" ::snap snap snap::

    Really I want it to just blow over so I can see a 6 day war too.

    I also agree with most things detailed in this show...

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    Things I can't stand:

    People who flaunt the things they have.

    people who get mad at you when you don't do the things they want.

    When my girlfriends cat jumps on me while I sleep...

    The battles with ghetsis towards the end of pokemon white and white 2...

    When people beg the teacher for extra marks on a test. You're in college, sucking up to the teacher should not pay off...

    When the lunch ladies charge me extra for a styrofoam plate. I pay thousands of dollars in tuition each semester, yet you insist on charging me 15 cents for a plate... I pay your salary!

    When people don't think about what they say before they say it, and then I have to get them out of hot water.

    When I make plans, but then have to study for a random test instead.

    Not having enough spare time.

    Half of the people in my class. Half of them are cool guys I could defnitely hang out with. The others are the kind that ruin the whole school experience.

    being unable to understand what people mean when they say something completely incoherent, and then having them get mad at me because I can't understand the mismatched sentence they just threw in my face...

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    Here's what I can't stand-

    I can't stand conspiracy theories, been having to listen to a lot of them a lot- some of my friends are big into them but I don't just toss friends away.

    Political attack ads, with good reason as I had to deal with a barrage of them this year living in Ohio- HELL I actually WELCOME Christmas commercials this year!!!!

    Fast food places.

    My sister's fat-assed husband that ripped me off of money and is mooching off of anyone he can.

    Reality TV celebrities such as Honey Boo Boo, Kardashians and et al- to me they aren't real celebs but people who got famous just for a TV show!

    Long lines at Wal-Mart when only two registers are open and associates are all over the place rather than manning the registers! Never did like long lines when I am trying to get groceries and get home before things melt!

    I can name more but eh- don't want to do a long list!!!!


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    Things I hate:

    People who judge others based off their appearance.

    Religious Fanatics/Jehova Witnesses because they refuse to leave me alone.

    Trolls on the internet. Seriously you have nothing better to do with your time than grief others?

    Back Seat Gamers.


    People who ask questions with incredibly obvious answers.

    Cashiers who question why I'm buying diapers. Think about it what the hell do you think I'm buying them for?

    People who associate being a Brony with Homosexuality or Pedophilia.

    This list could be a lot longer but I'm choosing to stop here haha.

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    Things I can't stand:


    People who try to get me to eat peas by saying "Come on, just try one!"

    When people chuck their wet towels onto their beds after they shower

    People who say something insulting or mean and then say "I take it back" - you can never take it back

    People who interrupt others when they're trying to talk

    Those Mary-Jane slipper sock things ---> ew!

    Kristen Stewart's voice

    Loud eaters

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    Mission Accepted *salute*

    - People that hate on something because it's what everyone else is doing, without first giving it a chance.

    - On a similar note, those that borrow other people's opinions because coming up with their own is too hard.

    - People that yell and scream and complain like a 3 year old getting special treatment/what they want, while polite, non-crazy people that wait their turn get pushed down the line.

    - People who have no patience and demand things this instant because they think they are special (they aren't).

    - Human nature. Why can't we all be more loving, trusting, understanding, and helpful towards each other? It's not in our nature to, apparently. I can't stand this, yet I am guilty of going against this too at times.

    - Being too serious.

    - Black licorice

    - Hot and humid weather

    - Politicians (why in the heck can't there ever be one these days that is a good choice instead of the "lesser of two evils"? This is getting disappointing).

    - The fact that life is so ridiculous nowadays that it's always referred to as though it's a trial to overcome, rather than something you should enjoy. Like, "Life sucks, deal with it," or something to that effect.

    - Living to work, rather than working to live. What's the point of amassing wealth if you can't enjoy it because you have to work all the time? Life shouldn't be all work, humans aren't made to live like that. You need play/fun to be healthy too.

    -Other things as well, but this is getting long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeekieMoo View Post
    Things I can't stand:


    Loud eaters
    All I am saying is Give Peas a Chance!

    Seriously, I do not like most vegetables and definitely not peas. And loud eaters, not good.

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    Intolerance in any shape, form, or fashion.

    People who don't care about themselves or anyone around them.

    People who dont like cars :P.

    People who don't like animals and treat them inhumanely

    Anything associated with Commercials and the News

    Disorganization, uncleanliness, and bad hygiene.

    Hurting people's feelings for your own benefit.

    Professionalism to the point of superficiality.... I see your spots leopard salesman.

    Seriousness without compassion.

    People who ask questions that have no intention or willpower to seek an answer.

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