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Thread: Hair (Entire Body)

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    Default Hair (Entire Body)

    Thread mainly directed tword men, as we have more body hair (I hope.)

    Edit: The amount of UN modified body hair, that would exist, if you we're are un-modded.

    Vote in poll stupid. (Courtesy of Heavy Weapons Guy)

    I'm going to guess high for myself, I should get pics of examples. Might need to razor mahself.

    Maybe a % covered scale would be ideal. I'll get some votes then maybe I'll set one up.

    Women/girls on this site, don't view this thread. Too late.

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    i have a lot of hair on my head :P
    and a tiny bit on my ams of course

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    I voted medium, but that's because my hair is really long and makes up for the rest.

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    I have hairy legs, sometimes a bit of a bread, "bumfluff" on my chest.

    I possibly be able to make a wig if I shaved the lot off.

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    Too much, even though my head hair isn't too long and I try to keep myself clean shaven. I have quite a bit on my arms and legs, and a lot on my belly and chest. When I am at Uni though, I am hoping I can get an en suite room, even though they are more expensive, partly so I can shave it off my torso, and possibly upper arms and legs. I don't like it and I am really annoyed by its presence.

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    I voted medium, but a year ago I would have voted low. My legs are crazy hairy. My arms are too but until just recently my arm hair was all blonde. Now it's been changing

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    My legs/arms and head make up for the lack in the other places. (and I'm happy it's confined there)

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    My legs are pretty hairy...My head hair is poofy...I have a good deal of arm hair...The rest I shave

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    Medium, I suppose. I have no chest or back hair and not too much hair elsewhere. I do have to shave quite regularly though if I want to avoid fuzziness which annoys me. That said, if I ever got enough time alone to do it, I'd totally try to grow a luxurious handlebar moustache.

    Oh baby.

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