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    Default Black ops 2

    Yeah, so I got this today.

    Haven't tried it yet, just downloading Nuketown 2025, Was wondering how many of the community play? I've got it on Xbox 360

    It'd be cool to play online with some people sometime.

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    I had to buy the game twice as I pre-ordered of Amazon and it still hasn't arrived, so went into town on Wednesday and bought a copy.

    Haven't even touched the campaign yet, playing mulitplayer with Shadowhawk and we are both at level 37 which is pretty good for me, although the double xp weekend helps :P .

    Zombies I haven't really divulged into yet but will do soon.

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    Nice, about to check the online now, what do you think of it?

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    I have it and its pretty cool but if you played MW3 just know your play style will need to change a little and the higher kill streaks are a bit harder to get. As for problems, just a few things about it i hope they will patch at some point.

    Dont really play Zombie mode so can't really say much about that

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    Nice! am really enjoying it so far, need to venture more than doing just TDM though.

    Hopefully when I get to know people from the community a bit better we'll all be able to play possibly

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    I'll pick it up when it hits $30 on Steam, which should be shortly before the next title comes out :P I've never been much of a multiplayer shooter gamer, Combat Arms aside, so I tend to stick to the campaign - as a result I can't justify paying 60 bucks for 6 hours of (admittedly satisfying and solid) entertainment and 80's style military adventure.

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