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Thread: For the Bronies & Pegasisters

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    Default For the Bronies & Pegasisters

    I found this footed & hooded sleeper that I think you'll like,

    Rainbow Dash Hoodie Footie by Underboss

    it's not a bad price for it & the feet can be detached from the sleeper. There is a provided size chart with the listing & it has some nice photos of the product too.

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    I'd rather have a twilight sparkle one minus horn. something "classy" like jumpin jammers would design. I dont like over the top designs'. i'm fine with the ears but a "real mane". I'd rather just have it printed on the hood.

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    The sleeper is nice, I mean I wouldnt mind wearing it, but yeah the mane is my concern with it O-o

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    Not a bronie myself but I do have to say that that is a very cute sleeper and if it was very cheap and I had fewer sleepers I would even consider buying it.

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    If only it were Fluttershy...

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    I would love those jammies! To bad for the shipping and customs to Europe though...
    Hmmm, perhaps I should order anyways...

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    So, much want. Thanks for showing me! It's adorable! x3

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairyCakes View Post
    If only it were Fluttershy...
    I normally complain when I see posts saying the following, but....^this.

    Not a super big fan of RD, but that's just me.

    o.o i want this shirt
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    I'm glad to see some feedback on this. I too, would like to see more of the Mane 6 as one of these sleepers, as Fluttershy or Rarity would be lovely. ^_^

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