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    Ok, I really need some help. I have a virus on my computer, and I don't know how to locate it or delete it. I think it may be a fake virus protection software, but I'm not sure how to delete it. I have a real software that I use, AVG, and I am currently scanning, but I dont think it will find it. What do I do b/c I don't want to have to have my dad help me b/c I dont want him finding some of my personal stuff, like this website. Please tell me how to locate it and delete it if you can.

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    i think my other computer has the exact same one
    does it say:you have 40 viruses!. and then have an icon that looks like a sheild with 4 colors?

    if so its a virus from russia that is fake antivirus software.
    im getting mine fixed tommorow when i see my dad, so he can explain to me how to fix it.
    when he tells me ill be sure to inform you how to fix it

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    Restart your computer, run a defrag, and scan again. See if that helps it die.

    I use avast for my antivirus and it's pretty good. You should also try more than one antivirus.

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    I personally use Antivira, haven't really had any problems. You might want to try anti spyware programs like Spybot Search and Destroy. That one can be really helpful. Even if that isn't the problem, it's a good program.

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    Try Waiting till your antivirus finishes then ask your question if it is still there.

    And if you do not want your dad finding your stuff make an online storage of your sites and files. And delete your files.

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    Hmmm, never had that problem before. Personally, I use Spyware Doctor to scan my computer, and I never had a virus problem yet. I tried AVG and Spybot S. & D., and a few other programs, but Spyware Doctor is the best for finding and removing viruses IMO.
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    See I have AVG and plus all the stuff you guys are saying are all things I don't know how to do except for a couple. And yes cylenri im pretty sure that is the same one.

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    Unfortunately with viruses (or virri ) the only way I've found to guarantee its removal is to format and reinstall (or use the restore discs/partition depending on the make of the system). Even if you AV removes it, you restore to a previous state or whatever, who knows how deep it goes. Antivirus software is primarly designed to prevent a virus infection, and that's how it works best.

    Backup all your files (dvd, external hard drive, thumbdrives, whatever) and reinstall. Then make sure your AV is running and up to date and scan ALL your backed up files before copying them back.

    I wish I had better advice, but sometimes it's just easier (and quicker) to just backup, pave and start fresh :/

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