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Thread: What makes people so certain the following is a "male only" problem?

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    Angry What makes people so certain the following is a "male only" problem?

    I'll try not to turn this into a book, but for many years, I have been fuming over an ignorant "fact" that some people seem to believe -- that while 100% of the male population has skids (smudges/smears of poop) in their underwear at all times, 100% of the female population has yet to leave the first one!!! In fact, some are even more ignorant in believing that we "never poop" at all, whether from birth or because we "stop during puberty" (and resume after menopause).

    But what really makes me angry, almost to the point of crying, is that, as a pre-everything FtM "transgender" who wishes I could be reborn male to the point where it's good I don't believe in reincarnation, is that this "fact" is proven wrong almost every single day before I bathe. Last night, I took off a pair of white granny panties (Mom won't let me wear men's underwear), and despite me having worn a mini-pad (just in case my period, although over for a few days, decided to make a little comeback, which can happen on the 9th, 10th, or even later day), there was a yellow smudge of poop beginning on the back of it and extending well onto the unprotected part of the crotch.

    Today will be no different. I just peed a few minutes ago, and low and behold, there were smudges despite me having used baby wipes after my morning BM. But you see, the problem isn't with me leaving skids, but with people (i.e. "Larry the Cable Guy") insisting this NEVER HAPPENS to women! What should I do, besides hate all XY men and stuck-up women who spend 30 minutes wiping just to prove them "right," to deal with the anger I feel about this issue? Why must I live silently with "the worst of both worlds" in having to deal with menstrual periods as well as skids? Does anyone else second my anger about this issue?
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    Ok, as a woman this has never happened to me. And at the risk of going into too much detail, I'm not a "stuck-up woman who spend 30 minutes wiping".

    I personally would look at your... err... wiping skills and see if you're maybe not doing things properly, or go and see a doctor and see if it's not possible a mild bowel incontinence problem.

    And that's the exact same advice that I'd give to a male as well. Male's with poor hygiene are typically assumed to have skid marks, not all males in general.

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    Lesson the only way I can keep clean is to use wet wipes no mater how much toilet paper I use.I can wipe and wipe for ever with dry stuff its how I'm built.Sorry. I like being clean.I'm not a lazy wiper. So there.

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    Never happens to me. ouo

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    im MtF and suffer from this, though mines been confirmed as a mild fecal incontinence. very much my original reason for getting diapered way back when

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    It might be a diet thing, greasy food, greasy skids, I know when i eat certain foods, my pooh becomes super adhesive, I know, thats nasty, but You laid the first skid mark. Lol

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    You should really listen to Talula here, Robi... See a doctor about the problem.

    There's not much to add except for weird disbelief at the seriousness of your rant. Everyone knows that it's a joke that girls don't poop, just like it's a joke that all guys have poor hygiene. Any non-incontinent person here with basic personal hygiene doesn't leave skidmarks. Do you have problems detecting humor and sarcasm? You shouldn't take basic joke comments seriously...

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    That's weird, I have only ever heard of girls getting skid marks. But, as people have previously stated, the way you are describing these "skid marks" seems quite concerning. Feces is supposed to be a brownish colour, I have never heard of yellow even pertaining skid marks. I would recommend looking into Anal leakage(Steatorrhea).

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    I always time my... you know... with showers. Sometimes this causes spontaneous showering at random times.

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    Actually, I have been to a doctor (actually 2 different ones) about hemmoroid problems this summer, but all they did was shove a scope up me and tell me just that. I'd been passing large amounts of blood, to the point where I falsely thought my period started and pulled-out a painfully-dry tampon hours later only to find my underwear full of blood. So I decided to go see not only the doctor who has treated me since I was 6 years old, but another a few months later when the bleeding continued. I did not, however, tell them about the skids because not only is it embarrassing with me being female, it is also nowhere near as severe a problem as it is for my 60-year-old dad and 20-year-old cisgender sisger, who both look as though they "shart" their pants every day. His tighty-whities would need to be blurred-out in that area to be put on TV, and so would my sister's bikinis, so my little smudges are almost nothing in comparison to their "hershey highways," lol.

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