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Thread: Has my grammar been getting worse?

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    Default Has my grammar been getting worse?

    Someone said on another forum my grammar has been getting worse and asked if she has been imagining it. Then she asked in her next line if anyone else has been noticing it or is it just her. Two others said they have noticed it and one of them said it's getting harder and harder to understand what I am trying to say or why I am saying it.

    I haven't noticed a thing there. I even re read my post and didn't see any errors. I don't know if they were just messing with me or if it has really changed. Has anyone noticed it on here too? I wonder if it's there only or everywhere else so I am making this poll.

    Crap, I made an error with the thread title and have no way of fixing it.
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    To fix the title, hit edit post, go advanced, and then you can edit the title.

    As far as your grammar goes, it seems to be fine, with little to no problems. I don't know why someone told you it was bad without seeing what they were talking about, but your grammar seems fine.

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    I probably don't see all your posts, but I don't think I've ever noticed any problems with your grammar. Seems way better than average to me. And you write pretty clearly, so... I don't know why they'd say that...

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    I've noticed that if I don't write for a while that the quality of my writing decreases. It doesn't seem to affect grammar though, just smoothness and flow.

    In looking at a non-scientific random sampling of your previous posts, however, it appears that your grammar and writing has remained about the same (i.e. it's remained good).

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    Everyone has their grammar hiccups now and then but I can't say that your posts are regularly filled with errors, certainly no more than the average person at least so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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