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Thread: diapers as a cure?

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    Exclamation diapers as a cure?

    i know this is just a long shot theory, but i was thinking, would diapers help with issues like colon cancer?
    i know it sounds crazy, but with the whole fast paced work environment day and age i wonder if we're putting going to the bathroom on the back burner and it's coming back to bite us in the arse. i've been thinking that during an 8 hour section of time if i have to go the bathroom i'll usually wait until i get home because i'm so busy at work. also, if i'm doing that for 8 hours what about the people who work overtime or don't have a convenient bathroom to get to? if we can clear out our bodily waste in an efficient and timely manner what health benefits and consequences would we incur?

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    Fascinating topic, though it's more or less against the law for someone to be employed at a place where there is no nearby bathroom and they have to work 8 hours straight.

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    Evidently, our bodies are designed to hold bodily waste for a certain amount of time as a simple precaution. If we dribbled everywhere, any natural enemies of the human race would have already made us extinct. That's why most animals have bladders and colons and only go when it's convenient. So I'm pretty sure it isn't that harmful to hold on to your bodily waste as long as you can.
    I'm quite sure that your body will make sure that the stuff leaves if it's desperate to get rid of it. Eventually, you're just gonna end up with soiled underwear...regardless if you're just talking to your boss or not!
    However, beats me why people can't take the time to use the bathroom at work. If it's that urgent, everything else can wait!


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    What I'm damn sure about is that we are not designed to keep it in for longer than comfortable. I know many times at school when teachers forbid people to go to the toilet.

    From what I've heard is that Asian countries have much lower levels of bowel cancers because of the squatting position that most adopt.

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    Unless feces are a carcinogen, I doubt that diapers could be used to help colon cancer. Prostate infections though, might be worsened by a full bladder pressing up against it, so maybe diaper could help with those...

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    well, if it's not true, it would make a good excuse. i wonder how that conversation would go with your boss?

    you: "hey, i have colon cancer and need to use diapers in order to live."
    boss: (to many funny answers, cant choose)

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    Strange, but I've heard something like that. Not so much when you have cancer would it matter, but I've heard that incontinent people are a lot less likely to get any kind of cancer in that part of the digestive system. So if you used them pre-emtively (or just used that as an excuse), it is actually legitimate. LOL. :P

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    wow, thanks kat. i wonder if i can find anything on the interweb to support my theory.

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    This reminds me of an article I read a few years ago. **runs off to google for it**

    Here it is.

    Basically he is saying the same thing as you are. It makes sense, but I think it'd be too inconvenient to wear all the time, no matter what health benefits there are.

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    yeah, well that's what i was thinking too. everything in nature works off a cyclical, timely operation. everything is in synergy. when we disrupt that things start to screw up. i guess that's what i was basing this whole thought process off of.
    aside from colon cancer what about uti's, kidney infections and the like? i know people drink cranberry juice to help clean the body out and such, but would more frequent uninhibited urination help that condition too?

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