I recently came across these at the Ohio Thrift Store in Columbus Oh. They are cloth backed and have a light blue color to them with white side panels.

These diapers are pretty discreet with almost no noise or bulk.

However the absorption is poor as the urine doesn't get passed to the other areas of the diaper. Also the capacity isn't there either. When I used the diaper I used it in short squirts until my bladder was empty, trying to give the diaper some time to absorb the liquid. What I found out when I took the diaper off was that the urine had yet to be absorbed by the diaper and if I had sat down at all that a major leak would of occurred.

They didn't feel all that comfortable while wearing either and felt flimsy. It made me a bit itchy.

One interesting thing I found about the packaging is that Medline bi-folds their diapers into the pack.

Since I had bought these at a thrift store price I wasn't too upset. If someone was buying these for incontinence I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. If you want something cheap for exhibitionism use they would be OK for $4.99 (12 pcs) at a thrift store.