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Thread: So I uhm... I wrote a poem... If anyone wants to read it...

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    Default So I uhm... I wrote a poem... If anyone wants to read it...

    "Oh Wolf.
    You stand there howling,
    at the cold, unfeeling,
    hollow moon.

    You howl
    as if that orb that hangs
    high up in the sky,
    so far out of reach,
    can hear you.

    You howl
    as if somehow,
    it can bring back
    what you have lost.

    Mostly, you howl
    because you just need someone
    to talk to.

    who will listen
    and understand
    and will not judge.

    you howl at the moon
    for the moon knows loss.

    You howl at the moon
    for the moon knows sadness.

    You howl at the moon
    for the moon knows pain.

    And more than anything
    that cold
    unfeeling moon
    knows what it is like
    to be empty inside
    without the being
    that makes it whole.

    And that moon
    though it has trained itself well
    is just like you.

    And maybe
    in another world
    that moon howls back.

    in that other world
    you both
    shall become whole once more."

    Yeah, uhm, I, er, uhm... I-I wrote it to go with a drawing a did, that's up on my DeviantArt... If anyone wants to see it...
    I, uhm... It's no better than this terrible poem, but I.... Here's a link.... I-If you're interested... You know...
    It's completely understandable if you're not...

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    The fact that you refer to yourself as a 'good girl' and your behaviour makes you appear like someone who is seeking that kind of attention from others. Perhaps that's not your intent, and if it's true you're not seeking sympathy/other attention, you'd do well to change your behaviour. You may also attract ire from those of us who've seen one-too-many people displaying the same behaviour in an attempt to gain babying or some kind of validation for their little side.

    It's understandable you'd want to express nervousness (which is what I would have assumed from your first post), and many other people have little 'tics' when posting. It'll certainly be recognizable, I suppose! X3 However the idea that you are doing it unintentionally is a bit silly. I can totally understand typing slightly differently sometimes when you're in a certain mode; I certainly type differently when I'm feeling really little! But I also have to be aware of the message my words/typing convey...we have a rule against babytalk on here, and for good reason...people don't want to talk to infants, we're here to talk to fellow adults/teens.

    When you type the way you are, it comes across as someone who is seeking attention, because typing is not speech, it's something you do consciously. Being self-effacing ('if you don't like this it's understandable', 'I know it's terrible') contributes to that impression more confident! Be /awesome/! If you want to avoid the impression you're currently giving, maybe you could take a few minutes before you post and evaluate what you've typed. I know I sometimes have to alter my posts a little bit when I've gotten overly little.

    As for the poem, it's very expressive! :3 I can definitely relate *phew* I've lost people, friends and more-than-friends in the past, and I understand the feelings it seems like you're expressing. I greatly miss one of those people still, but he's never coming back, and that's very upsetting. Uh! Not to be a Debbie Downer! You should be proud of this poem! *nod*
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    OK, I just had to delete a bunch of posts because people felt it was better to, in a thread about a poem, discuss the paragraph written below the poem!
    Let's keep this thread on topic people!

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    First off, I'm not going to apologize for the way I was tying last night.
    You guys can think that I was seeking attention as much as you want, but I assure you, I was not. I was on several other websites at the same time last night, and on all of those (and in the texts I was sending to one of my friends), that is how I was typing. I can honestly say that I don't realize when I start typing like that. I always just type exactly what's in my head, and how I hear/say it in my head is how I type it. It's second nature not to give it a second thought.

    I've tried to be more confident, but unfortunately, I can't. I've tried everything in the books and then some, but being tormented as harshly as I was has a way of ruining that pretty permanently. That was my way of saying that I completely understand if I get negative criticism.

    And finally, while people are going to think I'm feeding this as an excuse, I can say that the majority of how I was last night was not technically in my control. I have DiD (Dissociative Identity Disorder), and the way I was acting shows that it wasn't the head personality in charge last night. It was the younger, far more emotional one. I'd apologize for that, but I really feel no need to apologize for something that I have absolutely no control over.
    [And if you think I'm making this whole DiD shebang up, go check the last journal posted on my DeviantArt, about halfway through. There's a large part detailing the different personalities that I have].

    Anyhow. I'm glad that you like it. Any positive feedback means a lot to me.

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    I followed the thread and the way it went on a little... basically just before *some* posts were removed.

    Your poem's fine don't worry...

    and I assure you that you don't need to apologize nor that I got the intention you were "attention-seeking"... you are how you are... we all have our crap to deal with.
    Just because some don't understand, don't let it pull you down.. ok?

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    Hi there! I'm somewhat of an accomplished poet, and would love to workshop your poem. It's really good, but I have some suggestions to tighten it up a bit. PM me a copy and I'll tinker, if you want! Awesome, btw.

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    Personally, I feel poetry to be an expressive form of escape from my emotions. that being said, screw what other people think. I can tell this poem has deep meaning to yu just the way you use the wolf to describe a part of yourself. If it made you happy to write and you're proud of it, then that's what important. for what it's worth though, I liked it just the way it is.

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