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Thread: Puberty Changes - Why All The Hair?

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    Question Puberty Changes - Why All The Hair?

    It's interesting, all the changes your body goes through during puberty. Basically changing from a body of a child to that of an adult. Something that happens to everyone at a certain stage of their life whether they want it to or not. Some changes are easily understandable as to why they occur, such as muscle and gland development. Up until the onset of puberty there isn't much difference in the outward appearance of muscle groups between a little boy or girl. After puberty begins, naturally, the muscles start to develop more, as they'll be needed to handle the loads an adult man or woman will place on them to carry out their responsibilities in life. Same with glandular development. Without the maturing process during puberty, procreation and breast feeding, for example, would be impossible. All these changes and others our bodies go through during this time, it's pretty obvious as to their purpose.

    One change that occurs has always puzzled me, however. What I've never quite been able to reason out is, why all the extra hair? I mean, other than being a guy and wanting the facial hair to grow a mustache and/or beard, or grow your sideburns longer, I'm at a loss as to the real purpose of the extra hair sprouting at various places on the body. For instance, take the genital area. One place where many of you regular diaper wearers prefer not to have hair growing. What is the hair supposed to do? It's not long or thick enough to really hide anything, as if to make your privates even more private. Then there's armpit hair. Most of the time your arms are down anyway, so what purpose does the hair serve. We don't have kneepit hair. Maybe because our legs are open most of the time and somehow hair is needed more at a joint that's closed more often?

    The extra hair growth doesn't stop there. As you continue to age it sprouts up in other undesirable places such as in/on your ears like woolly worms and antennas, and growing out your nose like an ingrown mustache.

    Maybe I look too deep for an understanding of why all the hair growth. Maybe it's so obvious I'm completely missing it's purpose. What's your thoughts on the subject? Perhaps you all can provide the logical answer(s) I've been looking for.


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    I don't know if I'm right on this but dosen't hair growth go back to the cave man days, when man grew hair to stay warm.

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    lol I started growing hair on my legs, there was hardly any and it was blonde. Stayed that way for a couple years, I shaved because everyone else was doing it and BAM! Brown hair.

    But yeah,
    new hair on my hoohaw - I shave it off.
    new hair on my legs - I shave it off.
    new hair under my armpits - I shave it off.

    So what's the point D=

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    Pubic hair also provides a buffer between your genitals and clothing, leading to better airflow, better skin, and for men, cooler testes and improved sperm count. It's not a huge difference though imho.

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    Pubic hair also provides a buffer between your genitals and clothing, leading to better airflow, better skin, and for men, cooler testes and improved sperm count. It's not a huge difference though imho.
    Interesting I see how that would work, but before that was presented to me it seems like it would be the other way around.

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    Ummm, well, not to gross everyone out, but women usually have a little vaginal discharge depending on the part of their cycle they're in. I've noticed that when I shave my pubic hair, there's more noticeable discharge on my underwear. The pubes apparently caught that stuff and kept it from getting on my undies and making me feel damp all day. However, since I don't think our prehistoric ancestors wore underwear, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Another theory though is that in women, pubic hair keeps dirt and germs from getting in, which would've been a bigger deal thousands of years ago when people didn't bathe as often and sat/laid on dirt surfaces more. However, this still doesn't explain it in men.

    I suppose hair also would've kept us warmer, so maybe that's why. But then why don't women have facial hair? (Or at least not much of it. No jokes about your high school teachers, now.)

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    Alright, well, aside from the awkwardness of talking about genitals with strangers, I'd like to point out that hair is dead cells, in other words, it's kind of a way to get rid of em. Also, if you'll notice that hair particularly grows in areas that has much excess sweat.

    As for the balls, well, they're supposed to mantain a specified temp, so...*shrug*

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    I don't know much about it, but I always figured it was to capture sweat. And what does sweat have in it? Phermones. And as we all know, pheremones play a very big part in attracting the opposite sex.

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    Our ancestors, and by ancestors I mean chimps, other mammals have hair, we haven't genetically left that part of the gene pool. It has no real purpose in humans really.

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