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    What do you think is the best adult diaper?

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    well i guess it would have to be which one works best for you. some i feel come larger than really needed. i have found for me the best one is the Euro Brief. i have only tried the plastic backed but they do have a cloth backed if you dont want all the loud noise.

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    I say the best is whatever you can get. I grew up in a small town, couldn't get access to any til a few years ago. Whatever you can get is the best, if they perform better than others, then that's just a bonus.

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    Hard to say... it all depends on how well one fits you and what your specific needs are...

    For me over the years, as a night-time diaper: Attends Slip Regular M10... or Tena Slip Super or Maxi.
    Those "cuts" fit me like they were made for my body...

    daytime? Well I'm slightly incon (dribble, leak...)... and usually wear pads (Tena Comfort Plus) and sometimes Pants (Tena Protective Underwear or the Pants Plus M) or if I know I won't have the ability to change within certain intervals or in situations where I might fall asleep (airplane, train, bus...) I wear a somewhat more loosely taped on Attends Slip Regular M8 (they are very thin) and a stretch type fixing / cotton (something like those mesh-pants, but without the mesh... more cotton-like) called Tena Fix Cotton over them - this allows me to pull them down / up almost like a pull-up but with the ability to change then without having to completely undress (pants / shoes).

    I could never / would never want to wear some of those monstrosities like a 4-liter diaper or any overly thick diaper... it would make me feel VERY awkward and especially at daytime I don't want to be reminded of wearing a pad/diaper with every step I take...
    I like the security the diapers / pads provide me with... I love the aspect than I can do my day-to-day routine without being afraid to soak my trousers or wet the bed (I hate nasty wet beds)... I love to know that I wear some protection but I love not to properly notice it... I love that this works without that medication... because all meds I was put on either didn't help or the side effects were "killing" me.
    One thing I love about the Attends Slip Regular diapers (M8-M10) is that they have those non-plastic covered side-wings... this way the center is nicely protected (plastic) but the sides are really breathable... and that makes them so much more comfortable... I don't like all-plastic diapers that much.. too sweaty...

    For someone else it might be the exact opposite - the diaper should be thick and crinkly and whatnot...

    I also believe that there is so much competition on the market for Incontinence products, because there're so many different needs.

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    I believe if you ask 10 different people who wear out of need will give you 10 different answers. I wear 24/7 and what I use during the day and night are 2 different things. During the day I want to be

    able to change every 5 to 6 hrs. Thats where I wear My Attends Waistband or Breatheables. Thats when I'm the most active during the day. For overnight I want my Dry24/7's when I sleep. I want the overnight

    protection they provide. I don't want to have to get up during the night to change a wet soaker. Also have to look at the cost per day. I think most DL's out there will give the same type of answers who don't

    wear 24/7. Like others have said there are so many different diapers out there . It comes down to personal preference.

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    Tena Slip Maxi for me. Great absorbency, very comfortable and the tapes hold wonderfully. My favorite diaper by far. A somewhat distant second would be the Bambino Classico, although it would be a much closer second if they had reliable tapes that didn't constantly come undone in my sleep.

    I've heard very good things about the Abena, I'm looking forward to trying them someday.

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    Tena slip maxi, wellness briefs, bambinos and secure x plus are on the top of my list

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