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Thread: Sniffing The Baby Aisle

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    Red face Sniffing The Baby Aisle

    Anyone else casually make a detour up the baby aisle whenever you go in a store just to take in the sweet smells? Unless I'm pressed for time, it's something I try to make a point of doing. Just a sniff or two brings back memories of having a baby in our home. Had to stop and get a few things at the store this afternoon and lingered in the baby aisle looking at pacis, bottles, diapers, wipes....just about everything - wishing I could have gotten a couple items, naturally. And all the while enjoying the baby scents the products were giving off....ahhhh. Didn't bother me one bit that moms were all around me looking at stuff themselves for actual babies. I was too much into enjoying all the baby smells.


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    I never noticed it before, but the baby aisle really does have a nice smell, eh?

    Most of the times I head tot he supermarket I make a quick detour down the baby aisle, just for a quick look at some of the stuff there. I still kinda get nervous about going down it though when there's other people in the aisle though.... o.o

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    I never noticed, I do walk right by the baby dept when I go into wally world, and I have spent some time there looking, but I never notied a scent in the air.

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    Having worked in a supermarket, I can definitely say the baby aisle has a smell to it. It's mostly around where the powders and wipes are though.

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    I don't really notice much of a scent, but I have a poor sense of smell to begin with. I do tend to take a walk down the diaper aisles, both the baby and the adult ones whenever I go to a store. Almost always they are in separate aisles here, so I go down both, but it's usually just to see if there is anything new on the market that I might not know about or to see if a specific store carries a certain brand that might not be common.

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    Like most others here I haven't noticed a certain smell in the aisles but I'm sure there will be on near the powders and wipes. I also go down the baby aisles when I'm in a supermarket but I tend not to stay for long, gets a little scary :P


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    I like the smell there too. I just wish the makers of adult diapers would put that smell in theirs too.

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    one of my favorite parts about going shopping, just taking a casual stoll down that aisle.

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    I've noticed the smell and I love it. In a lot of grocery stores, the baby aisle has other stuff that you might actually legitimately need, so you can enjoy the scent while picking out cereal.

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