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Thread: Any MMOers around?

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    Default Any MMOers around?

    Just wondering if anyone around here plays any MMORPG style games. Besides WoW, just because I'm so sick of hearing about it, and I don't really enjoy it that much. And no Runescape, either.

    More like Maplestory, Mabinogi, Flyff, League of Legends... 2D or 3D, browser or client. Anything like that?

    And before I forget, Club Penguin? NOT A REAL GAME.

    However, I'll fall for Webkinz.

    I myself play Maplestory frequently, and I'm known to visit my Webkinz account, as lame as that sounds. And Neopets. I play that too, even those last two don't really count. At all.

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    I play Guild Wars 2 a couple of times a week for a couple of hours but mostly use World of Tanks and Smite.

    So glad the British tanks are finally in, you can give the crew pudding and tea! I now have to imagine my gunner taking sips in between shots and taking a bite out of his pudding every time he scores a kill (which being in a light tank isn't often).

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    If I were more a naturally social critter I'd probably be more into them, or if I was more focused and less random.

    I actually paid full price for both Star Wars Galaxies and Star Trek Online, owing to my nerd allegiance to both franchises, and put in about 30 hours into each, which is to say, I didn't put much time in them at all. I've thought about picking up the Old Republic game as it looks pretty snazzy, but I expect I'll find myself a little out of my element in that one too. I've paid for and installed Eve Online about 5 times as well, and always intended to invest some time in it, but generally some Youtube video or a squirrel outside the window pulled me away before I got hooked.

    I've played a couple hours each of WoW, EverQuest, WWII Online, Runescape, and spent some time in Second Life as well... none of which left much of an impression on me.

    I think the closest I came to being addicted to a massively multiplayer game was the browser game Astro Empires which I wasted about a year and a half on - what a compelling spreadsheet that game is.

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    I tried maplestory for a while but I didnt really like it and I used to play dofus but then I got bored. :P And of coarse I used to play runescape, but I quit after like 7th grade.

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    I have been an avoid mmo player for 8 years now, you name it, I've probably tried it. Currently playing rift.

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    As soon as i am finished with this semester, I will be Getting on, the soon free to play, Star Wars Old Republic. The only reason i would choose that over all of the others is that i was a huge fan of both KOTOR I and II and i owe it to any of my nostalgic memories of high school to learn more of the story. I am also very interested in investing some time into Guild Wars 2, if such an opportunity presents itself. Star Trek online intrigued me but i hear the user-base is almost non-existent. I also used to play WOW, but i didnt stay on long. I quit playing because I found myself only PVP'ing and World PVP'ing. I played Arena and Rated Battlegrounds pretty much all of the time i played and it became a competitive thing. I basically ruined the enjoyment of the game for myself So, no Wow since 2010. Rift is good too.

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    I used to be a kool skiddie in Maplestory. There was all kinds of hilarious stuff you could do, but most of the legitimate uses are gone now.

    E.g., you could spam a 10-meso drop packet until all of those uber-rich (meso-selling) vendors in the free market rooms 1-6 crashed, but now they have hired merchants. Or you could mute those advertisers with a GM packet but that was patched pretty quickly.

    My favorite was the BP hack. Got to level 140 in a week doing that.

    All my accounts are banned now of course but I was worth a few billion mesos

    I have a Runescape account that I come back to every so often, but not for a while. I've got like 2 santa hats on it that are just stewing. I let my friend borrow the account and he got a bunch of my skills reset, even a few of my legitimate 99's. I was pretty mad about that `-`

    I only play them when I have nothing better to do. Which, lately, hasn't been... being.

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    I have played pretty well all the major MMO's but usually get bored of them. Last one I've played was Guild Wars 2, got to level 80 within a week, and havent really touched it since. I love the idea of an MMO hence the feeling to wanna play it but I'm not a fan of the combat usually. The most fun I had with the whole remember the various key presses was in WoW healing. I think I'd prefer it if an MMO had like a more action battle system. I yearn the day when a game comes out with Dark Souls kind of system but it's an MMO... like all action combat, gear is not as needed as some skill, very open character building (you can use any weapon or spell in Dark Souls if you haven't played it just levelling up the right way). I have tried action ones like Vindictus and whatnot but they're just not what I'm looking for.

    Now I'll stop complaining and say: MMO's are great and I can't wait for the next great one.

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    Default Any MMOers around?

    I pvp healed in wow.... It is one of the most intense and mentally occupying tasks attempting to heal a group in a rated battleground with a Druid. That was the most fun I had with that game.

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    I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV... And really enjoying it, but the old client shutdown recently, and the proper release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, isn't going to be out until sometime next year, I might get into alpha or beta before that, but it's really not the same...

    I suppose I have Guild Wars 2, but I haven't played it for a while. I did randomly log in earlier today though for whatever reason. Might actually play it a bit more if I have nothing better to play :/

    I actually really liked Mabinogi, I probably would of gone back to playing that if I could. It doesn't recognise my laptop graphics card though. I can play stuff like Guild Wars 2 on this laptop, but not Mabinogi D: I miss my giant. She was cool. Why isn't there a high quality Mabinogi clone to replace it D:

    I guess I played a lot of Flyff at one point, but I can't really stand it anymore. It's just pure grinding and there isn't anything worth grinding for. It's also annoying trying to find a partner. Trolling the Flyff forums was fun though It definitely has a cool setting at least. Besides, Flyff was used to make Pudding and TGE / Legends of Roika, and they were fun to watch ("Oh no~ Why are you all ganging up on me~? I was only killing you! ...and taking your honey!"). Pity Mystical Ping Productions gave up on Legends of Roika D:

    I bought Final Fantasy XI recently, but it doesn't really catch my interest enough. It's not bad, but it's old and I know I'm not taking it seriously enough.

    I've played a lot of other MMORPGs, but I don't see much point in mentioning them apart from a list of MMORPGs I've tried and never played seriously enough.

    Also, League of Legends isn't technically MMO because it's not massively multiplayer. You need lots of players in the same instance to call something MMO, but that's just semantics. I sometimes play LoL though, I guess...

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