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    Default an intro or something

    I've just woken up, so hopefully this'll be legible.
    I'm rotten with trying to describe what kind of person I am, so I usually just say I'm an INTP and leave it at that. As for what I'm up to, my life presently centres around my two year old pug, Mr. Spock, who works as a therapy dog in a nursing home. Aside from all that, tea and housework takes up the rest of my time.

    I was a babyfur first, then I branched out to the general AB community, and then started wearing diapers since everyone else was raving about them. GoodNites take up most of my stash due to cost and their adorable designs, and I also have a custom AIO.

    In my spare time, I'm a fandom nerd. Just as a consumer, I'm not a writer nor an artist. My main tv series fandom at this time is Supernatural, but the list of shows/books/films I obsess over is embarrassingly long. Aside from all that, I enjoy climbing trees, losing at air hockey, simple algebra, and I have what might be termed a morbid fascination with taxidermy and animal pelts. Also, 90's eurodance. Love me some 90's eurodance.

    I really only joined this site so I could view content that isn't available to non-members. I've been lurking here for years, but finally caved so I could get access. I may or may not continue lurking, it all depends.

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to the community (as a non-lurker, that is).

    I hope that you don't just continue to lurk, and that you decide that it's time to join in some conversations.

    May I ask what some of the other fandoms that you belong to are? I'll assume Star Trek because of your puppies name, but correct me if I'm wrong.

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    You'd be right about Star Trek :3
    The ones I'm most involved with right now are Once Upon A Time, MLP, TMNT, Star Wars, Being Human [the US version], Grimm, Merlin, Doctor Who, Madoka, Gargoyles, and anything by Clive Barker.

    edit: woops, forgot to mention Homestuck

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    Ooooh, I love you.

    Ponies and Doctor Who and Madoka. Yes.
    Oh, and I haven't seen the original series Stark Trek, but I really like Next Generation.

    I actually really meant to get into Grimm and Once Upon A Time both, but I unfortunately found myself not having the time, and then eventually forgetting all about them. I've heard about Being Human, but never really watched it.

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    I keep meaning to watch TNG. I saw a lot of episodes during my childhood, but it's all fuzzy now.
    If you get some spare time, I highly recommend all three of those series ^^. Being Human doesn't really get the love it deserves.

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