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Thread: Diaper loose when laying down, but find standing up

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    Default Diaper loose when laying down, but find standing up

    I put them on laying down and I've been trying to get on tight enough to not be loose or anything and they're not when I'm standing or sitting, but laying down, there's maybe an inch between the front of it and my stomach. Any ideas?

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    Duck Tape or some form of tape.

    Always works, hope i helped

    Also you can buy extra diaper tapes online so you could use them to tighten it up a bit.

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    What type of diaper do you wear? Do you fasten the bottom tapes first then the top ones?

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    I find that i am able to get my diapers on tighter when i tape the bottom first. plus it helps when the diaper you use fits you just right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    What type of diaper do you wear? Do you fasten the bottom tapes first then the top ones?
    bambinos classico and yea I tape the bottom one first.

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    what i always do is over tighten your diaper when you put it on and it wont be better i had the same problem till i made it so tight i thought it was way to tight but it ended up being perfect

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    I don't know the bambino-diapers ... (I mean yes I know what they are, but never had some, not my thing )... but do you have the problem with just the bambino-diapers or also with other brands??

    I for one find that for example TENA Slip, Size M (no matter which grade like Plus, Super or Max), and all of the Attends M8-M10 REGULAR PLUS for example fit me almost perfectly... then on the other hand the Attends M10 Special Care, I can't get those to fit at all...
    this is just an example, but over the years I have found that different brands have VERY different shapes/patterns thus will fit you either not at all, "OK", or really well... but you might have to try.

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    Try to breathe out fully before you fasten the tapes. If you're breathing in and holding your breath your abdomen will be bigger, so then when you let the breath out again the diaper will be looser.

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    I would try taping them tight while standing up. That's what I do and usually works well so when i lay down they aren't too loose.

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