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Thread: [OSU!] Seether - Fake it

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    what game is that? I have never seen it before in my life, it looks sorta like guitar hero but its with PC so idk.

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    Wait... What is he doing with his keyboard... osu is a mouse game <_<

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    Not really... And that's me playing >3>

    Do you know Cookiezi is a Tablet + Keyboard player?

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    wait what. The last time I played OSU it was only mouse. I don't see you pressing your mouse at all and you're doing a whole lot of stuff on the keyboard. Did they add something I don't know about or do you have a mod of some sort?

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    No, isn't a Mod, ppy just added support to keyboard, tablet and touchscreens.

    But I begin to play since 2009, so that feature was already added. I've begin to play with only mouse, training and all, and then try with keyboard and I get a better player ;o I played with tablet too but... Pen is roken ;_;

    About the song, is just a storyboard xD

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    Oh my goodness! I haven't played OSU! in forever! But now you've got me interested in playing again! Gonna look into putting it on my tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearhardt View Post
    Gonna look into putting it on my tablet.
    I hate you ;_;

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailsPika View Post
    I hate you ;_;
    I have played OSU! Quite a few times, I'm by no mean even remotely close to good. I typically play the "Catch the Fruit" game, I enjoy it so much more. You are making me want to play it so badly. Curse you.

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