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    Ok, so I had horrid day at work, but discovered the nappies I ordered on the net had arrived today, so, to relax, I just tried wearing for the first time in a long while...


    Felt nothing.

    Honestly nothing; no comfort or security, no arousal, nothing at all. In fact, the only thing I felt was hot and uncomfortable. This happened last time I tried to get into wearing myself; It's a little exciting at first, but then It doesn't do anything for me. This time it did nothing at all from the very beginning. I already know I'm not AB, but now I wonder if this means I'm not DL at all -by the definition of the term anyway.

    I know I find the sight of a woman wearing nothing but a nappy quite arousing, and most ABs when they're being as cute as cute can be makes me wana give em a hug an not let go. And I know if I ever got into a relationship with a woman who was incontinent she'd probably hate me for being turned on by the fact that she has to wear nappies because of her condition (I know that's a horribly insensitive thing to say. I apologise in advance to any IC people who read that).

    But, wearing myself, doesn't do much for me at all.

    So here's what I'm wondering, does liking it on others, but feeling "meh" about it on myself still make me DL? Or is there another terminology for it? And I also wonder, how many -if any- other people feel the same way.

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    It is definitely possible that you just like and appreciate others in diapers...
    You are just wearing at home by yourself and I can't claim that I feel great every single time I am diapered up... I am an AB though so for me to really get into it I need to have my comfort objects and do something like suck my thumb or lie in bed in a thick diaper and fantasize.... It does take a little bit extra to get the whole enjoyment out of wearing. I am 100% certain it wouldn't take any effort at all if I at least had a buddy I could hang out with while padded.

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    Stress could be a major factor. Personally, there are times I feel diapery and times I don't. When I'm in the mood, it's wonderful and exciting and happy and relaxing and right and all good things. When I'm not, I'm just a 27 year old guy in a diaper. When the mood strikes you, indulge. When it doesn't, don't force anything and don't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinbound View Post
    So here's what I'm wondering, does liking it on others, but feeling "meh" about it on myself still make me DL? Or is there another terminology for it?
    I think so. Personally, in my mind, I have always termed it "internalized fetishes" and "externalized fetishes." An internalized diaper fetish would be sexual arousal from wearing diapers (on oneself). An externalized diaper fetish would be sexual arousal from someone else (e.g., an attractive young woman) wearing diapers. This can be generalized to other fetishes and paraphilias. For instance, internalized coprophiles might like to have poop smeared on themselves, while externalized coprophiles might like to see poop smeared on attractive women.

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