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Thread: Quick Gender Poll: Guy Or Girl? -Please take part

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    Arrow Quick Gender Poll: Guy Or Girl? -Please take part

    just a simple demographics indicator i wanted to find out


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    It is possible to find this out in by searching for gender in the members list. Plus, there are more options there. Sorry to say this, but I'm just trying to help out.

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    So do you mean Gender, or Sex?

    Sex is what is in between your legs,
    Gender is what is in between your ears.

    There is a difference - and if you're looking for sex here, you won't get an accurate answer. There are many guys that identify as a female.

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    I guess I'll answer. Mandi does have an excellent point, sex & gender are not exactly concrete set in stone things. I know we have a number of members who do not fit into the black and white world of male or female.

    Anyway here's my answers:

    Gender: Male
    Sex: Male

    I'm a guy through and through.

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    Good point, Ace. I'll specify as well.

    Gender: Male
    Sex: Male
    Attraction to: Male

    mmm hmmm!

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    That was my point, Andy! You poo head.

    (jokes, jokes)

    But i'll fill in the little thinger that's being started...

    Gender: Female
    Sex: Female
    Attracted to: Male

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
    Anyway here's my answers:

    Gender: Male
    Sex: Male

    I'm a guy through and through.
    Couldn't have typed it better, Ace. Ditto!


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    Hehe sorry Mandi. I meant the way Ace answered laid out his post. For the record, let it be shown that Mandi was the one to bring up the distinction between gender and sex :P

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