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Thread: Skyfall new James Bond film

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    Default Skyfall new James Bond film

    Just seen the new 007 film Skyfall at the cinema and thought it had some slight ABDL overtones, the way James Bond sees M as a mother figure, and more reasons but I've forgotten them now!

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    I thought that Skyfall was a fantastic film, with fabulous action sequences, the characteristic humor sneaked into the films, and the title sequence with Adele singing the song just made my evening...but ABDL overtones? That NEVER crossed my mind in the slightest...

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    I've been an avid James Bond fan, probably ever since I saw my first one back in 1989... Dad couldn't resist taking me to the cinemas.. but no, not the back then latest james bond (License to Kill)... no - due to the new bond showing up a local cinema did show some of the other older bond movies again ... we went to see Goldfinger... and a week later the new one... I guess my mom would have gone ballistics if she ever found out my dad took me with my 10 years into a cinema to see Goldfinger... but alas, I liked it... ... well, a lot!

    To this day I guess I have seen every of the films on big screen including most of the ones made before I walked this earth.

    Skyfall for a long time now, - well I was blown away - THAT was a damn good Bond Movie again. My new favorite to say so.
    has it all, the wit, the girls, the gun (and mind you, not some silly P99), an amazing Aston Martin (although it broke my heart when they...), amazing action choerography, and enough bond-like-fun... And finally again not too many stupid gadgets.
    Looking forward to the next one

    But back ontopic: ABDL overtones? hell no.

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    Did they write off another Aston? Honestly. When they were making Casino Royale, they at least had the decency to write off Aston's prototypes that had to be destroyed anyway (for legal reasons).

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    I just watched it yesterday and I have to say Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery. And the Skyfall is a very good movie. I liked the story so much although I don't really like the last battle scene.

    Oh about the AB overtones I say no. I mean although both Silva and Bond considered M a kind of "Mother" figure. I think it's not the same as mother figure in AB.

    Oh to EP01 I'm not a fan of P99 either but if Bond decided to change weapon. Glock 26 would be good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwidl View Post
    Did they write off another Aston? Honestly. When they were making Casino Royale, they at least had the decency to write off Aston's prototypes that had to be destroyed anyway (for legal reasons).
    Well unlike Casino Royale or even Goldfinger(Same reason the one they used is a prototype as well). This is one thank God they didn't destroy it. They used two cars. A real Aston Martin DB5(The car appears at Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars) and the one they destroyed is actually a porsche. So thank God for it.

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    Saw it last night. Really made up for the last movie being so bad. I thought the villian was awesomely done.

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    This was by far the best of the Daniel Craig films, but not my favorite Bond film altogether. Still love "The man with the golden gun"

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    I saw it last Saturday and loved it! Daniel Craig does a great job and I enjoyed the story line and of course all the action scenes. If you are a Bond fan you'll love it too! I didn't notice any ABDL overtones in it.

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    I also saw it last night it was well done I thought

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    The last half of the movie got pretty drawn out with nothing new happening story wise.

    I still enjoyed the movie, but in the end I can't say I really like it.

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