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Thread: Happy Valentine's day

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    Default Happy Valentine's day

    Happy Valentine's day to all member of ADISC

    Love power!!!

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    Indeed, I hope everyone has a good day. Mine started off bad, but ended up being pretty good.

    Good luck with getting a Valentine too.

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    Happy Valentine's day!

    Not that I care really, it's a stupid holiday made up by card companies and florists. (<- That's how you can tell if someone didn't get a card, if they say stuff like that. ).

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    Didn't even realise it was Valentines today! Strangely unadvertised, or maybe I was walking around town with my eyes closed.

    Luckily no-one is expecting a card from me... That's actually depressing.

    Valentines sucks.

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    Thursdays SUCK for me. So it isn't a really happy day.
    Here I am tired and with a load of homework which is unfair.

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    Really? Today is Valentines day huh? It's a holidat for couples really, so I never do much for the holiday if anything..
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    Valentines day is a technique so buisnesses could steal money off our walets.
    Plus it makes me depressed, baring in mind I don't have a gf anymore.

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