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Thread: Anyone still like sonic?

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    Default Anyone still like sonic?

    Anyone an avid fan of Sonic and/or related merchandise? I like the early games and the older design of sonic. The new one just looks weird to me. Most of the video games are good, the pinball/racing ones not so much. The Shadow one was pretty good. I like the anime/cartoon versions as well. SatAM, aosth, sonic underground were really good. Sonic X sucked. The movie would've been fine except tails voice was not at all what you would think due to how cute he looks. All the games for the ds were 'blah' but i'm not a fan of the ds in general. Anyone have favorite characters? I like: Manic, Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles the best.
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    i woves sonic hes the best i used to play it all the time on my daddys sega ... my favorites are sonic,tails,shadow, and knuckles

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    I really like the first Sonic Game.

    Sonic 2 really made me MAD.

    If you die at the last boss, you start AT the last boss. That part is fine. But you start at the last boss...


    This means, you obviously sucked and died the first time, so now you have to beat the boss with no rings, no health, one shot and you are dead.

    ARGGHGHGHGHGHGGGH!H!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I beat it.

    Victory never tasted sweeter.

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    Loved the early games, and loved Sonic 4 (where they got back to their 2D sidescrolling roots + new graphics). Never liked the 3D stuff in-between.

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    While his trip into 3D concole gaming has been bumpy, I still do enjoy the series. Especially with Sonic Colours, which I think is one of his better 3D titles.

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    Yay, I'm glad people still like sonic And, I was watching a few Sonic Underground episodes and I noticed that Manic is rather childish and they have a song about how being a kid is amazing. I'm about 100% positive it has got nothing to do with ab/dl-ism but the only reason I am not completely sure is because anything is possible and "Only a fool is ever completely sure."

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    I still love the series a great deal, mostly just because I was a huge fan my whole childhood. I loved Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and the Shadow the Hedgehog game, as well as of course the first few side scrollers. However, you can't deny the fact that most of the 3D games do suck and Sega really is flogging a dead horse nowadays.

    The anime series were ok. SatAM and Sonic Underground I loved, Sonic X not so much and AoSTH I never watched at all. Manic was an awesome character.

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    Well, as my avatar would suggest, I am a pretty big Sonic fan myself. Well, maybe not as big of a fan as you may expect, simply because I have played practically none of the 3D titles and haven't watched any of the shows since the mid 90s, lol. But I was a tad obsessed when I was a kid back in the 16 bit console generation. I own 4 Sega Genesis systems and every major Sonic title for the platform. I also have a Game Gear and one of the releases for that. I also have purchased at least one Sonic/Sega compilation for pretty much every more recent system I own.

    I've beaten them all except for the Mean Bean Machine, and while I've gotten close in Spinball, I'm not sure if I've beaten it or not. Oh, and yes, despite the fact that it was a huge pain in the ass because of the inability to change camera angles, Sonic 3D Blast really got shot in the leg, but that doesn't mean I didn't still enjoy it on both the Genesis and the Saturn, hehe. It just is by no means my favorite.

    Favorite character? My avatar should be a huge hint, lol.
    I like Knuckles and Sonic as well, but Tails was always the favorite.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    If you die at the last boss, you start AT the last boss. That part is fine. But you start at the last boss...


    This means, you obviously sucked and died the first time, so now you have to beat the boss with no rings, no health, one shot and you are dead.

    ARGGHGHGHGHGHGGGH!H!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I beat it.
    Actually, this is true in both Sonic and Sonic 2.

    The original Sonic had "Final Zone", which is where you have to beat Robotnik in that room of sliding pillars and electrical blobs that would come at you. They make sure that you start the zone each time with no rings and no chance to get any. It's just a lot easier than Sonic 2, since you really only have to learn the rhythm and then repeat it over and over until you eventually win.

    What makes Sonic 2 such a royal pain in the ass, is that "Death Egg Zone" wants you to beat not just one, but two bosses without any rings! First, you have to beat the first appearance of Metal Sonic, who poses his own threats, that's for sure. Then you have to beat Robotnik's giant suit. Really, in my opinion, that is probably the hardest boss in the original trilogy. It will require trying again at least a few times, pretty much guaranteed. Of course, once you do try again, you are met with the obstacle of having to once again beat the Metal Sonic punk again before even getting a true second chance. ><

    I'm not certain, but the final boss in Sonic 3 comes right after the boss for "Launch Base Zone", and it's without any loss of rings. I could have that wrong though. They might take your rings right before the platform falls and he comes flying in for the final showdown. Either way, it's not as hard as the boss for Sonic 2.

    You want a slightly fairer fight on the final boss for Sonic 2? There is an emulation out there for the PC called "Robotnik's Revenge" that actually takes all of the bosses from Sonic 1 and 2 and has you play through all of them in consecutive order. What makes it fair is that it gives you 3 rings and a checkpoint between each of them. It also observes the two bosses from "Death Egg Zone" as two separate bosses, so you get rings and a checkpoint before the real final boss.
    Here's how that looks: Robotnik&#39;s Revenge - YouTube

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    The old Sonic games are awesome, and I enjoyed Sonic Adventures 1 and 2. I really like the Sonic Sat AM cartoon.

    Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are finally bringing Sonic back to his former glory.

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