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    Default Making a College decision

    I got into both of my first choice schools and now I'm stuck as to which one to go to. What factors did you/are you considering in your decision? Did the place just FEEL right?

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    I wanted to go to a large, research-oriented, academically prestigious school. Got into two that could be defined as that. I picked the one whose location I liked more. Good luck...

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    If one of them is Ivy League, go there hands down. It opens up a swath of opportunities that many people simply don't get. You truly mingle with the upper echelon.

    Really what I would consider - and I know its hard to know at this point - but consider what you want to do. Then ensure that what ever school you chose has top level recruiting for that field. Many schools have the major but few have the reputation that recruiters want. The last thing you want to do is have junior or senior year roll around and find out that the industry you want to go into doesn't recruit from there.

    Other things to consider: cost, distance from home, social life...heavily greek vs not. If the school has a heavy greek life and greek life isnt something you are comfortable with, you may wanna reconsider.

    Going of "feel" is important as you will be spending the next four years there. Is there any additional info you can give us (abstractly of course) - size, setting, interested major?

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    I don't care what anyone else says, size matters :p

    But seriously, the size of the campus and the classrooms is really important. Smaller schools tend to be more communal, meanin it's easier to make friends that you will actually keep. With bigger schools this is possible but a bit harder and also you will make 100000000 Facebook friends that you will never really talk to.

    Professors are probably up there on the checklist as well...I would visit and go to your specific major and check out the reviews for the name and rank means nothing without knowing how the students feel about their professors.

    I would also consider weather as a major component...unless both schools have the same climate...but going into a school that has four seasons and one that has only one or two can really vary your experiences.

    question: are you dorming? because if you are, then you will have to take a look at what the campus life is like.

    If you went into more specifics about the differences between these schools I am sure we could help you out a little more, but with the info given i can only give you generalities.

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