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Thread: Diaper Taping Order

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    Default Diaper Taping Order

    Hey, I would be SHOCKED if this subject hasn't been discussed before, but I just recently discovered a better way to tape up my diapers I wanted to share. I have always started with the top-down, getting a secure fit at the waist, then fastening the additional one or two tapes toward my thighs. The other night, I decided to MIX THINGS UP and start from the thighs and work up. WOW! I really like that. I found that getting a better fit around the thighs first keeps my diaper from slipping down as much when I sleep and walk around.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    Nice one, gov Don't think the subject has been discussed before, but it's good to propel the theme back up into the Cyberspace...

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    I've always done it bottom to top (pretty much only because the article we have on here says to though :p), bottom right then bottom left then top right then top left for me and have had no problems with tapes since. The only time I've ever had a problem was my first one before I read the article and did top then bottom because it was nowhere near tight enough so lesson learned there.

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    I always start with the tape, at the top of my diapers.

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    I tape the bottom ones first. Helps hold down on leaks. I've had very few leaks night or day.

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    Having been shown how to diaper myself and others by a nurse on a training thing and by my doctor before that, have always done the bottom tapes first then the top tapes.

    The logic was that, most people normally leak around their legs so if you get a good fit there first, then you can pull the waist tight with the top tapes, which gives a better overall fit and less prone to leaking. Having tryed taping top first, just never get a tight fit and normally the diaper ends up wonky, plus if you look at the tena/abri-form packets and lille website, they all say do the bottom tapes first.

    However, my housemate can stand in the middle of the hallway/dining room/bathroom and just diaper himself without any wall to support the diaper or anything, while I always have to use a wall to hold the diaper in place while I do the tapes standing up, and he always does the top tapes first.

    Kinda sad but we have debated this ourselfs a few times... the joy of living in an AB house... well apart from the used nappies people keep leaving everywhere... *gets the shock prod and a black sack*

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    I diaper up using the "back against the wall" technique. I tape tops first, at locations guided by the folds in the diaper at the top.

    Once those are on, I can stand straight up, pull up and snug my diaper leak guards and cuffs, get everything where it needs to be, then do the lower tapes to hold it right like that.

    I find that if I do the lowers first, I frequently have to adjust their position a little after doing the tops.

    Since not all my diapers have tape panels, moving the lowers isn't an option with them. And since I'm between sizes (M/L) some diapers the correct spot for the lowers is just below the tape panel, so again can't be moved. So I really need to get those right the first time.

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    I use the wall technique too most times for myself, and I have put on a lot of diapers and I definitely think positioning the botom tapes first provides a much better fit and helps with leaks. Once the bottom is done tight you can still get the tops tight, but it is hard the other way around.

    I think bottom tapes first works the best in any position as well.

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    I used to do the top ones first but when I changed to doing the bottom ones first I found I had a much better fit. whether standing or lying down.

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    Yea there was an old thread on how do you tape your diapers but it's long gone. I use the wall, lower right, lower left, upper left and then upper right. It works for me!

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