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Thread: She understands, Should I tell?

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    Question She understands, Should I tell?

    I know there are many threads like this out there but this has its own little twist to it. I always told myself I would never tell her but after a couple days ago I have been thinking about it. My mom and dad were watching Taboo when furries were shown on there, My mom completely understood them and defended them when my dad was insulting them. The way she did this made me think about how supportive she is with stuff like this because its not like this was the first time this has happened. My mom and I were talking later when my dad went to bed and she was talking about how they need to relieve their stress and its not like their hurting anyone by doing it, etc. After that night I have been debating to tell her (And only her) because I know I won't have to worry about her freaking out thinking I have some kind of medical condition or something if she ever find my stash (She is nosy). I believe she will understand and I know she won't tell anyone so what do you think, Vote and respond with your answers.

    More Info:
    My wearing is not sexual in any way
    I normally tell people its not a good idea to tell
    I know it usually is not a good idea to tell
    I think I remember her catching me when I was you (6 or 7) But unsure
    I'm watching Rugrats right now

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    Not voting, because I think it should be your choice and you shouldn't be swayed by a bunch of silly people on a diaper forum

    Having said that, I'd probably tell her, yes, mostly for the reasons you mentioned. I'd probably say 'Mum, after that talk we had yesterday I've decided to tell you that I (insert your personal proclivities for diapers here), because I don't want you to worry about me if you ever find anything.' It's as simple as that, it sounds like.

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    I'd say give it a little more thought! It's one thing saying your OK with something when it's all about someone else, but it can all be different when it's closer to home. Not saying that she wouldn't be totally cool with it....she might be...just saying, make sure you know what your doing cause as they say, you can't undo it. good luck I hope you find the right answer.

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    I have to agree with CharliePup.


    I suggest everyone to do the same thing do not vote. This is not our choice to make It Secretlyme choice to make.

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    Yes, it is my choice and i have been leaning torwards telling her. I just want to see responses first to make sure I'm not going to make a decision I should not

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    Well, I would tell her, as you already know how she's going to react. It is the fear of a negative outcome (and indeed this is a distinct possibility) that keeps most of us from telling anyone. But, it's your decision, and you can never put the cat back in the bag.

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    I say "No", because you are currently 17, and the time you have remaining at that house (speaking with averages here) combined with the relatively low frequency of being discovered would mean that you have a reasonably short stretch to deal with, and you will not put any stress on your mother since you likely won't tell your father as well.

    The problem with this is that if your father were to find out on his own (Since it sounds as though he would have an overly negative reaction) with your mother already knowing, it could be really bad between your parents. It could remove trust between them and bad things could potentially happen as a result. If you told your mother, perhaps your interest won't bother her, but the tension it puts on her as a side effect makes me think it would not be worth it.

    If you keep this to yourself however, and you are found out, your mother will still likely support you if she would right now, and it wouldn't encumber her with the tension that would result from telling now.

    And if you move out without either of them knowing, you are in the clear, you are in your own domain, and you don't need to worry about the effects or side effects of not telling.

    I cannot guarantee anything will happen, but not telling seems to be the harder initial path, but the lower risk one for the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
    I have to agree with CharliePup.


    I suggest everyone to do the same thing do not vote. This is not our choice to make It Secretlyme choice to make.
    I also agree with Lestat. Not voting.

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    I have to agree with thingywhat. If you tell your mum you put her in a difficult situation of having to keep a secret from her husband, and that's not fair on her.

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    It is totally up to you. I personally don't see the point, but if you do and you think its worthwhile I say you should go for it. Make sure that you know exactly what you want to get out of this though (for example, validation or acceptance.)

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