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    Default Hello everyone!

    My name is Alex, i'm 18 and new to this whole community. I'm a musician, and genuine down to earth person. I don't know what to say lol. I have only been into diapers for about year or so after my ex gf got me into it. and now im hooked.

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    welcome to adisc, if your new to all this go browse, find a section that you like, read some, post some, and you'll be on your way. So your a musician you say, what instrument do you play

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    I play guitar and bass but im currently the frontman for a post-hardcore band. and thanks for welcoming! how did you get into all of this? my ex gf got me into this.

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    Hi and welcome. I've always wondered if people who got into it by someone else, had earlier or previous desires? It's such an odd thing to do, that I wonder if there was some latent desire? Anyway, I too am a musician. I played for 15 years with a very good cover/wedding/ country club band and we did quite well. I play keyboards.

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    Well funny you should say that. When I was 12 I was with my neighbor Tatiana and we were in her room playing video games when her mom opened her door not realizing i was there, she came in saying got you more while i was out make sure you wear them this time and proceeded to throw a pack of diapers on her bed. I could never forget that. I was like WTF? she told me she wet her bed and I told her that it was nbd. and i let it be a few months later she told me she faked wetting the bed because she liked diapers then i was like O.o she eventually got me to try it one day i was like wow this is honestly really nice. and then 5-6 years later my gf and i were sharing secrets when i told her that she giggled and told me she wanted to try it. so we did and that's pretty much how it all started. I think my gf well ex gf now was already into but me saying that was a way for her to tell me in a way i suppose.

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