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Thread: Dry Diapers

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    Default Dry Diapers

    Lots of people comment on how nice it is to have a wet diaper. I think I feel best when i have just removed my wet diaper and put on a clean fresh, dry one. Does anyone feel the same?

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    yes! i love it when i get out of the shower and right after drying off put on a super thick dry diaper with powder and stuffs. its just an awesome kiddish feeling.

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    Lol I like to have a wet diaper for a while. But it always feels good to get a fresh dry diaper on.

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    I also like the feel of a dry diaper. After I take off off a wet one and get my bottom aired out a few minutes I powder up and put on dry one. I enjoy that

    for as long as it lasts until I pee again.

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    I prefer a dry one, to be honest. Especially the last one of the day just before I go to bed,when I've just come out of the shower or bath. Sitting in my own pee gets old quickly.

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    Default Dry Diapers

    Like most of my interests and passions I like it both ways, equally. Example, after I woke up today, I was wearing a bambino belissimo, an ab universe cloth Velcro, Winnie the Pooh snapping plastic pants, and one of my favorite onesie's before I left for school this morning. I was very wet when I woke up and I decided to go ahead and use number 2 before I changed, so that the diapee wasn't wasted. After I got all cleaned up, I changed into a brand new, freshly powdered, SDK and the feeling was amazing. It always is.

    If I were to choose between what is my favorite feeling, then I would probably have to say that the act of Changing out of a very messy diaper and switching into a new one is probably my favorite. So, practically, the new and fresh diaper is the part I like the most. The messy part Is awesome, but the clean part is better.

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    dry one for sure, but, they're there for a reason, to get used

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    I was sick last week and while I was home decided I needed to update/replace some of my older diaper t-shirts (the ones I wear to bed and around the house). I made one with a Pampers - Sesame Street background that said, "Happiness is a diaper change" Okay, I admit sometimes I actually like wearing a really wet diaper. But, for the most part, it can get uncomfortable being wet and sometimes messy all the time, so I really like it when I change into a dry diaper. Best feeling in the world if you wear 24/7.

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    I'll go with all the above posters. I'm typically in a wet diaper from Friday night, but after my morning Saturday shower, I do like the feel of a thick dry diaper. In my case, it's cloth, so I really do go from wet to dry. I like the soft bulky feeling, and in the winter, I'll go grocery shopping that way with my long winter coat hiding everything!

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    A dry diaper feels so good. I just wish that dry feeling would last longer.

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