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Thread: going to store to restock

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    Default going to store to restock

    im going to buy some but im gettin super nervous what do i do ??-

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    0) Make thread on ADISC about how to go to store and restock
    1) Go to store
    2) Restock

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    all right sorry for my dumb post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digicub View Post
    i bought them
    That wasn't so hard was it?

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    Well done!

    It's never easy and, to be honest, I never found it a pleasure cruise. However, you do get used to it eventually and it becomes routine.

    Of course, at a certain point, you are able to simply order off the internet. Until that day comes, hold your head high. ^_^

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    thanks everyone i want to order some cushies soon but do they accept debit cards ???

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