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    Other than being a tbdl i love cosplaying i havnt been to any cons because there isnt any good ones where i live but i love cosplaying kingdom hearts characters my fav is sora

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    I hope your thread gets some responses. It probably will as we have some cosplayers. I saw a show about it on one of the channels that had the show on adult babies. I thought it was interesting, and I guess that it was more socially acceptable than being furry or AB. I think a lot more people might enjoy getting into it.

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    I usually try to cosplay whenever I go to cons, but the more complex ones aren't really within my budget. I've gone as two different characters from shounen anime, and I plan to go as either The Riddler or JonTron (Game Grumps) to next year's Otakon in Baltimore.

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    awesome im working on an ash from pokemon to be my first con cosplay i usually just do kingdom hearts with my friends .. i hope it all goes well for you
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    Nice! I actually just did my first cosplay at Equestria La. It was a really fun experience, i think you'll really enjoy it.

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    i hope so i just want to see what its like to go to at least one
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    I enjoy making costumes over buying them. Most of them look horrible, but I get a sense of accomplishment when I do it myself. Would love to go to a comic con or something.

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    Great band... oh, wait a minute, I thought it said Coldplay

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    I love going to cons (re:the few dinky little ones that we have in Australia) and checking out the cosplayers -some of the effort they put in is just amazing.

    My best friend's younger sisters cosplay every year at their local con. I always joke that i'll give it a go one day, but i doubt it'll ever happen -I wouldn't know what character to cosplay as.

    Shame in a way, since it does look like fun.

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    I've never been to a cosplay convention but I've been to a nearby comic con. I've wanted to make a Sokka costume for a while now but I know very little about sewing which makes it difficult.

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