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My quandary is this: for as far back as I can remember, I have always worn "medium" diapers (I was a little chunky as a kid, so even at age 10 I was wearing mediums -- I may have started out wearing smalls, but I don't remember). That's almost 30 years. My brain is not taking this change well...

Throughout my teenage and well into my adults years, the heaviest I ever was (up until the beginning of this year) was about 158lbs -- and at 5'9", that put me in the "medium" size diaper category.

Since January/February, I've increased in size (I've gained about 30lbs), as a result of changing my lifestyle and working out 5 days /week (so that's an increase in muscle mass weight, not body-fat). My pants and shorts that I wore when I was 155+/- lbs still fit me just fine... My diapers, however, do not. And this makes me a sad panda

Some brands still fit fine (Delta, Tena Slip Maxi); but most (North American Tena, Tranquility, Seni, Euron, Attends Slip, Beesana) do not.

I did some googling, and found -- much to my dismay and surprise, sizing charts (Attends, Tranquility, Prevail) that indicated I should be wearing "large" size diapers.

It seems that not everyone (especially health care "professionals") are aware of how -- regardless of height/weight combinations, generalization of weight/size categories is only a guideline. When it comes to diapers, I never trust the knowledge of people who work at "medical supply stores" anyway. Never have. Maybe if they wore them, and told me so, that would be different; but that'll never happen O.o

Also, to my disappointment is the increased cost of "large" size diapers, since it seems that "mediums" are the dominant size, and therefore priced optimally (the difference in cost between a bag/case of medium vs large is insulting, IMHO). Moreover, there is increased rise: medium's stop about an inch below my belly button; whereas large's stop two to three inches above it. So any attempts to conceal my diaper are now pointless. Notwithstanding, the moment I put myself in a large diaper, I realized I'd been wearing the wrong size for probably 6-8 months. My comfort level went off the charts, but at a price of increased bulk and padding. There was no question for me, that comfort was far more important that how discreet my diaper is, or isn't.

So I guess the lesson to be learned here is: pay attention to your body's shape and how it changes with your lifestyle. Just because you've worn "medium" diapers for almost three decades doesn't mean that one day it won't change. And just because your pants still fit, doesn't mean your diapers will.