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Thread: Just messed my first diaper...

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    Default Just messed my first diaper...

    after about two years of wearing them and I had a force problem with doing it.

    Any chance I could ask for advice on helping me do it easier? My heart rate went up so fast and was uncomfortable for something along those lines.

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    That's because it was your first time. I can bet you the next time will be easier, and the time after even easier. I've only done it 4 times and i can do it while sitting in my computer chair now.

    If you want to make it easier right away then buy suppositories. It took about 2 hours, but once it kicked in, it kicked in. At midnight I started to lose control, and by 12:15 I literally could not stop it from coming out, but be sure you need to go before using, I heard it doesn't help much otherwise. And of course, don't overuse stuff like that. Once in a while, but never everyday.

    Also, I'm surprised you didn't shed some tears too. When I did my first time I was literally crying a bit compared to pee.

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    I...didn't have the best clean up...I just got back from doing so and showering. I don't think that was really worth it...

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    Messing can be a lot of fun by put the cleanup is definitely something to consider.

    Depending on how firm things are it is likely that you will need to force things a little. The easiest way for most is to get onto your knees and then literally practice pushing. Once it happen proceed with whatever is had planned until I is time to change the diaper.

    Like I said changing can be a bit of a challenge but there are some things that make it much easier and much less of an issue. If your mess was pretty firm the cleanup will be the very easiest. I find that doing this in the bathroom in a standing position is the easiest. Start by removing the tapes on one side of the diaper then supporting the diaper with one hand remove the tapes on the other side. Use the diaper to remove most of the mess, roll it up and dispose of in a plastic bag.

    Most people will tell you that a shower is the best way to clean things up and this is correct. I find this is easiest with rubber gloves on (the kind that you get for medical use and they are easy I find).

    Before you shower you have a choice. My preference is to use baby wipes to remove most of the mess. I will put on the gloves first. I then take two wipes at a time, offsetting them slightly to make a bigger wipe, I start wiping. It takes a bit of practice but you an fold the wipe in half after the first iWork then wipe again. This can be a couple of times. Dispose of the used wipes in the bag with the diaper then repeat with more wipes until you are mostly clean, being sure to check all the nooks and crannies from the back and the front.

    It is possible to get clean enough using just wipes but it is best to shower as you normally would after cleaning your bottom.

    If you choose to just shower make sure you have gloves on. I should note that it is best to make sure your sower drains well and that you have the big chunks off first. Anyway, hop into the shower, then using only your gloved hands wash the messy area with just water. The idea is to loosen and wash away most of the mess. Once everything is rinsed thoroughly and drained away remove the gloves (they will go into the bag) and then shower as normal making sure to thoroughly clean your bottom, legs and feet.

    After a little practice the cleanup gets pretty easy and will go very fast.

    Make sure to seal the bag with the dirty diaper and stuff. I will generally triple bag this sort of diaper if it will be more than an hour or two before I take it out. Generally this gives me up to a couple of days at the very most.

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    While I'm certainly not the one to look down on anyone for a good messy diaper (because I do it too! ) I'd like to just take a minute to caution everyone against unnecessary pushing. I know that sometimes we get all amped up for whatever outcome we're looking for and sometimes we force our bodies to do things it is NOT ready to do. Excessive pushing can lead to the odd case of weakning of the detrusor muscle and the urinary sphincter muscles, rectal prolapse and/or hemorrhoids. Also, I'd like to point out that when one strains for a number two, the body is doing somewhat of the Valsalva Manuever, which is commonly used to decrease a tachycardic heart rate in the field. Thus, if you perform this manuever while your heart is NOT above 100 beats per minute, you could temporarily decrease your heart rate below the normal rate (60-100 beats per minute for an adult). Normal abdominal strain for pushing to produce a bowel should not have any ill effects.

    I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but I would hope that I can at least detract a few from going through any painful or embarassing moments. Always remember that a diet regular in fiber and water should absolutely provide you with more than one occasion a day to produce a messy diaper. Please, take care of your bodies while having fun and don't strain or force a poop- it's not good for you! (... I totally feel like my Mom right now -_-)

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    Like going to Vegas. Not everybody likes it. Even the people that like it only do it once in a while. But everybody needs to go at least once just for the experience.

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    Its also easier to clean up if you clean up right away. I don't do it anymore though. It is not worth the hassle.

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    Default Just messed my first diaper...

    I have been 24/7 for about two months and since I started back heavy I have the privilege of pooping my diapers at least once a day. I agree with all of the science concerning a good and healthy bm stated above. It should never be forced to discomfort.

    And congratulations on the first poop. It would be weird and unsettling to remember a life where I didn't mess a lot. I have been used to it since I have been a kid. Wearing diapers during childhood and into the teen years is what got me comfortable going number two. Especially when I used them right after I woke up. Mom told me that if I could, try to use the potty, but I rarely did. I would be put in diapers, pull ups, or goodnights after a bath and I would be in the diaper until i went to bed. I would say, in retrospect, that 60 to 70 percent of the time, the next morning I would wake up and notice my wet diaper and just let go and mess.

    I vaguely remember that I would try to tell mom ,when I was around 5 ( I stopped wearing diapers during the normal day at 5, only in the evenings and in the mornings after that) that I couldn't help but poopoo in my diaper. She asked me if I could try harder to stop, because it was messy and hard to clean up, but I always told her that I couldn't. I told her I couldn't wait for her to get up and help change me out and that I always had to go when I woke up. While this was somewhat true, even at 5 I knew I loved diapers and i was just using an excuse to get squishy, lol. After I kept doing it,she stopped getting frustrated and just slowly taught me how to change out of my own messy diaper. I was terrible at it and had to have help until I was about 8.

    I know that all sounds weird but it is true . My mom has never cared about me wearing diapers as something to stop me from ruining my bed. She didn't even really care if I messed as long as it got cleaned up right. I am lucky to be so comfortable with number two, because diapers are one of my passions and I think a lot of the regression and magic of wearing is lost if one doesn't use the diaper for all its purposes. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Like going to Vegas. Not everybody likes it. Even the people that like it only do it once in a while. But everybody needs to go at least once just for the experience.
    Great example but it is important to note that Vegas has something for everyone and they are trying very hard to make it a place that most people want to come to, even if only infrequently.

    It is true that getting to Vegas can be difficult at times. Mommy TraumaChick has great advice on making it a safe and even productive trip. For some, including myself, it is the trip that produces some of the enjoyment.

    Some enjoy the visit as Vegas can be a very fun place to visit, although it is always good to keep the visit short. Not everyone will return after the first visit because sometimes the visit is just not all that pleasant. It is the departure that is not all that pleasant for a good number of the visitors.

    Of course some people stay, like Symmetry7, and others like to visit pretty frequently, like myself, as long as the conditions are right.

    All in all Vegas is a great place to visit as long and you know your limits, take time to discover the other activities, and then you get out of there with your pants intact.

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    Default Just messed my first diaper...

    Haha.... I love the metaphorical analogies. Well said.

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