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Thread: Just Wondering

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    Default Just Wondering

    I was wondering what browser you guys use.

    I personally prefer Firefox because it is real user friendly, and it is easier to cover up your tracks.

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    Hm, you should probably allow multiple selections. I use firefox most, but I also use konqueror and occasionally lynx.

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    And I hope Firefox 3 leaves beta soon.

    Rarely I use another browser like Opera, Safari, Maxthon2, or IE
    (Maxthon2 is basically a... customized IE, kinda)

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    Wow, unexpected results!


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    Internet Explorer.

    I've used the firefox browser but didn't notice much difference so I went back to what I was familiar with.
    I suppose I'm just too apathetic about all this internet business to even be concerned about which browser I use, it's all the same to me.
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    Internet explorer.
    I've never tried other browser and I think IE is ok. no need to change

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    I myself tend to use Firefox on my windows desktop, and Opera on my laptop.

    On Linux I perfer to use Konquerer or SwiftFox

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    I use IE mostly, but I do have Firefox. I don't use it often because it is so slow.. They say it's the fastest browser out there, but that is a lie, IE blows it away.

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    Where's opera?
    Opera + firefox. I really like features from both so I use both.

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