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Thread: Your Favourite Gaming Moments

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    Default Your Favourite Gaming Moments

    This Thread Will Contain Spoilers for Video Games after My Little Description. You'll be warned again after it.

    So now that I have your attention, what are your favourite moments in all of gaming?

    They could have made you feel a certain emotion like anger, fear, sorrow or what have you. It may be something that the game has built up to or just something you yourself did in the game.

    Character deaths, plot twists, epic battles, smashing hard bosses, emotional highs and lows. All that jazz and everythig else you can think of!

    Tell us as many as you can think of! You can even put in a video to support what you're saying or an image. But please put "Major/Minor Spoilers for X game/s ahead" at the top of your post, just to be especially friendly I'm not sure whether you'd like to use spoiler tags as well but just to be on the safe side I'll start off by using them.

    By now you should have realised that this thread will involve spoilers for all sorts of games!

    But in case you are still unsure...


    Ahem... so anyway here are some of mine!

    Major Spoilers for Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed II, Resident Evil 6 and Mafia 2 game/s ahead.

    I have more but we'll see how this idea goes and if people like it I'll throw some more out there.

    Assassin's Creed III

    Assassin's Creed II

    Resident Evil 6

    Mafia 2

    So those are some of my favourite moments in gaming! Share your own down below and I will totally not use any of the info for research purposes

    Have a good one!


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    Arma 2: When I look back on it, I think it's funny, but the moment it happened was fairly annoying. Me and my friend were playing Dayz and anyone who's played arma 2 knows that the current arma engine isn't the best... So we were walking down a mountain and suddenly we both just awkwardly went into the air and broke our legs. Then we had to wait for the hourglass to go away every time we logged in, so it got annoying sitting there for five minutes helpless. Then later on he stood behind our car as I was backing up 1 mph and as I said anyone who has played arma knows the engine is terrible... he died. I'm pretty excited for arma 3 mainly for the fact that I probably won't die when I walk in a door.

    Maplestory: Got 200 on a bishop... took a long time...

    Hard Time: Chose to go to jail for charges of murder, only get like 50 days

    Lugaru: The whole game was just an amazing experience... who wouldn't wanna be an anthropomorphic rabbit with amazing fighting skills?

    Sumotori: Took me an hour to finally win a match.

    Minesweeper: Still never won, but I've gotten close

    Chess: I won against the computer on the lowest difficulty one time

    Pokemon Gold: Beat the first set of gyms to find there were like 8 more... Pretty excited 6th grader

    Runescape: Quitting

    Toontown: Getting a membership, so I didn't have to use those stupid premade quoates they have to choose from.

    Club Penguin(before disney raped it): My first puffle

    Roller Coaster Tycoon: I just loved it, I was a hardcore gamer at the age of 4(I actuallly played GTA and 007[little awkward with the naked ladies in glass] at that age... bad influences)

    How do you make those spoiler things...

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    My stuff mainly relates to MMORPGs because I generally beat single player games too easily and fast to remember their plot highlights.

    Eve online: Dropping my titan on some poor guys jump freighter filled with his life savings.

    World of Tanks: Killing 10 guys in one match.

    Final Fantasy 11: Getting all 3 Salvage chest pieces back at level 75 Cap.

    Freelancer: Way way back in the day I took my hole server on in Area 51 solo in my eagle and controlled the zone for an hour without dieing. (lots of skill and some luck I believe lol)

    Guild wars 2: Played the game for a week and a half~ sold my account for 450 dollars at release. ~ Win.

    Yeah those are probably my gaming highlights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguinhop View Post
    How do you make those spoiler things...
    You have to "Go Advanced" when posting and then you highlight what you want to spoiler tag and press the triangle with the 'S' in the middle.

    Great moments guys and lots of detail.

    I'll try and think of some of mine that are actually gameplay related rather than just for story and characters

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    Exploring Middle earth in Lotro and the story lines are also good.

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    Hmm good question.....

    I can't pinpoint any any particular moments in games, but I've always admired the narrative and pacing from the Half Life 2 series. Like they've tried really hard to keep you emotionally involved with the storyline, for example by forcing you to rely on an AI "friend" (i.e. Alyx) and they put quite a lot of effort into making the controlling AI for her less like a normal AI character and more like a person.

    In terms of environments, I think my big favorite has to be the Bioshock series. There's quite a few places in that game where it's just creepy! (I'm referring to the environment, not the harvesting of little girls, which is a pretty creepy thing to put into a game anyway!). And even though you know that something is going to jump out at you (because we all know that when you walk into a flooded room with flickery lights, that something has to jump out at you), it's still never quite where you expect it to be!

    Basically I appreciate games where the designer has made a real effort to set up the story, and keep you involved in it, and bothered about the scenery to the point that you can't spot where they've just used the same texture because they've figured that people don't look at the backgrounds!

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    Playing Team Fortress 2 when a player named Gary Busey kept stabbing me in the back. Can't trust Gary Busey :P

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    So I have some actual gaming one's

    Uncharted 3 Airplane Scene (I shouldn't even need to provide an explanation for this just watch the video!)

    Devil May Cry 3 - Final Battle with Vergil
    This is probably the most intense boss fight I've ever played. Your fingers can't stop moving the entire time or else Vergil chops you into confetti, ha ha. After the battle my hands were actually sore from pressing so many buttons for such a long period of time

    My most recent funny moment just to make up for those two would have to be in Dishonored. I was at the top of this spiral staricase and I wanted to get down quickly so I decided to jump down the gap in the centre. Seeing videos before its release I noticed you could use "Blink" the short range teleportation power to safely land before serious injury or death. So I'm like well no time better than the present to try it I dropped down the middle but what I didn't anticipate was how fast I would fall (at the time I didn't realise I could have just Blinked straight down). So anyway as I was falling I went to Blink but it was too late. With a sickening thud and what I imagined was the crack of my legs breaking, I hit the first level balister. Blood was painted all up and down the handrail and carpet and 80% of my health was gone. I could just imagine my character (who had been a badass stealth ninja up until that point) limping sulkily out of the building

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