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    Default Potty Dance Myth

    I know it doesn't really have anything to do with diapers but tonight on mythbusters they put the potty dance to the test. Just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on it.

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    Well, you didn't really explain what you were asking here.....

    Theoretically, from your wording I could assume you meant the existence of the potty dance was put to the test. Obviously the potty dance exists.

    You probably mean they put it to the test whether or not the potty dance actually assists someone in holding back? I would argue that it sometimes does, sometimes doesn't. While dancing around the primary reason for additional holding is really based around additional clenching of the muscles.

    I've done the potty dance many times in my life.

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    On the show they tested the myth by..

    drinking 2 litters of water in the morning on three different days.

    Day 1: they went about being normal doing their job until they just couldn't hold it anymore. This being the control benchmarking test.
    Day 2: they use "the potty dance" method to varying degrees. It only heps one of them hold it longer. Tory shows very little improvement.
    Day 3: They "zen" out and relax and Grant improves his base line by over 30 mins. Tory shows no improvement or barely any.

    so nothing works for tory, the potty dance works for Kari a bit and Zen works for Grant. this means its only plausible and "if it works, it works."

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    Haha...I would have liked to have seen that show. Did they pee their pants trying to prove or disprove? Like 7Guest said, it's all about clenching the muscles, and from that standpoint, it works to some extent. Everyone is different, so it might work better for one person, and not at all for another.

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    I miss watching Mythbusters! Its one of my Favorite shows on Discovery next to Monster Garage and Dirty Jobs, and I don't get cable anymore so I only get to watch TV at my parents house when I visit....

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