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    So i bought some adult diapers a few days ago and my grandmom came in my room today and said that if she found any show would threw them away and they she told me to stop wearing them. Here is the thing im 20 years old i can wear what i wanna wear and i just don't know how to say this to her in a nice way any advice to help me it

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    The main issue here is that you are living with your grandmother?

    If this is the case she really has the say in what goes on in her house, unless you are paying rent.

    Let's say you are staying with her for free and she throws out $100.00 worth of diapers. I am fairly certain you would lose your case in court.

    The long and the short of it? You gotta get OUTTA THERE!!!!!!!! It's time! People that don't understand, WON'T

    Good luck!!

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    There really is no polite way to tell her that. Do you own a car? I've never had trouble keeping them in a box in my trunk, even when I lived with my parents.

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    Woah. Wait a second. That changes things.

    You are paying for a place to live and what you do in that place, behind closed doors, is YOUR business. The issue is that your grandmother doesn't get it, is not okay with it. You can TRY to use my same reasoning, and explain to her that it's your business, but I am getting the feeling that's not going to work.

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    It's not too unusual for parents to want to stick their nose in their kids' business, but really that should stop somewhere in the teens. If you're still living at home etc past 18 and NOT paying rent, SOME rules are to be expected, but none that are an obvious invasion of your privacy. Unfortunately, in that case, really your only option is to move out.

    If you're paying rent, REAL rent not "token" rent, you should have almost compete autonomy, like renting an apartment from a regular landlord. Your landlord can't walk in and tell you that you can't wear diapers! If you're paying somewhere between normal rent and free rent, then they should be able to make a few more rules, depending on how free your lodging is. You'll just have to negotiate with them. Or maybe switching to full-rent to buy your autonomy is worth it to you.

    So I'd recommend confronting the 'rents with a simple option. If you want to set rules like that, then I shouldn't have to pay rent. If I am paying rent, within reason, I can do what I want. If they try to stretch "reason", put it simply. We're NEIGHBORS (or a TENNANT) You can tell me not to have loud parties etc, but you can't tell me what I can and can't wear. If it's not something a neighbor or landlord could reasonably demand, it's NOT reasonable.

    If they still demand full rent AND do-as-I-say, all you can do is MOVE OUT.

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    Ok it is settled i told my gradmom where i was coming from and now she leaves it alone

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    Ok it is settled i told my gradmom where i was coming from and now she leaves it alone
    Good to hear.

    As others have stated it is best to live by her rules. At the same time you are an adult, fully entitled to privacy regardless of whether you pay rent or not, and there is a point at which she should recognize that what you wear really is your choice.

    Regarding some of the other comments that have been made in this thread. I can't imagine such a thing ever making its way to a court of law, how humiliating to bring your diapers into the public realm. At the same time most judged would tell you that it is private property and that she an set rules. You pay rent which, in most states, means that the private areas you have assigned to you in exchange for the rent are actually your private property. In these areas she can not regulate what lawful things you do, and do not, do.

    To me this is really a matter of discretion me respect. I would never bring others into my diaper issues without then clearly telling me it was ok. I would continue to hide my diapers to keep them discrete and I would also wear in a discrete a manner as possible. She should not be searching your room or violating your privacy. Literally she should not look, or ask, and you should not show or tell.

    I love the use of keeping your stash in the trunk of your car, if you have one. I have done this and it works very well. Just take one diaper in when you know you will be getting diapered.

    Regardless of what you do make sure you dispose of used diapers promptly.

    Remember, this is a matter of mutual respect and privacy. She is your grandmother and will naturally look at you as a kid, and therefore subject to her acting as a parent. Remind her that you are an adult, ask her for privacy and respect, be respectful of her and her position as your grandmother. D this and all should work out pretty well.

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