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    I'm looking for a pull up preferably the way we all seem to like them ... plastic backed, however I'm of a large size and could in no stretch of the imagination, or elastic, fit the sizes from stores online and off. At a couple of inches over 6 feet and 250 pounds, my waist size is comfortably 44 inches. I've googled and sometimes can't even tell from the ads if a pull up is plastic backed. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes something like what I'm looking for? Thanks.

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    There's no existence of a "plastic backed" pull up. However there are reusable pull on diapers with plastic lining that you can use as an alternative, but that's it really.

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    There are no plastic backed pullups. Maybe a pullup with plastic pants over the top would work for you though?

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    Appreciate the input downtide .. thank you, I'm afraid that's the only option. The plastic pants I've been buying don't seem to last long even with good care. Maybe you also know of a good brand that lasts longer? Thanks again

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    What wears out? If you're having a problem wearing through the back vertically, (and splitting or breaking open) it's the seam in your pants. Wear briefs (or boxers I suppose) over your diaper to protect it.

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    Hi Bambinod. Was saying the plastic pants I've been getting don't last long even though I follow cleaning instructions. After a few uses they start to get less pliable, or harder eventually cracking and splitting. They say to use mild soap and hand washing is best but I've tried using no soap and just rinsing with luke warm water which doesn't seem to help them last longer. I'm talking maybe 4 or 5 uses and they're on their last leg ... so to speak.

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    If they're only lasting 4 or 5 uses, there's something wrong either with the pants you're getting, or the way you're caring for them. I find that mine do eventually crack and split, usually around the leg elastic, but they generally last me at least a couple of months. If they get a small split I patch them up with electrical tape, which is pliable and waterproof. I wash them in soapy water and hang them up to dry away from direct heat (not over a radiator or anything like that).

    I find the longest-lasting ones are polyurethane rather than vinyl. They're thinner but they have a little "give" in them, so they're less likely to tear whilst putting on or taking off.

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    I used to wash them in soapy warm water but since they didn't last very long I tried a luke warm water rinse with no soap but that didn't seem to make them last any longer either. I'll make sure to get polyurethane next time though. Thanks again downtide.

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