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Thread: Baby boy and girl regression hypnosis files

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    Smile Baby boy and girl regression hypnosis files

    Hi there,

    I'm a bit of a fan of adult baby hypnosis, I've purchased tracks and had live sessions with a hypnotist. My favourite tracks to buy have come from and they've been very effective. I happen to know the lady hypnotist who made those, and she has given me permission to distribute two free files she's recorded. They are supposed to help you feel regressed to childishness for a short time. You can download them here: Adult baby hypnosis files

    I hope you like them.


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    Hi Skar,

    The effects are supposed to last for a period of time you control - you lie down to end them. I've listened to the baby boy file lots of times and I love it. It doesn't exactly turn me into a baby, but when I've listened to it I feel very relaxed, happy and in the mood to have childish fun (if that makes sense). After I've listened I want to cuddle daddy a lot, keep my teddy bear with me, and I usually go and play with Lego or do some colouring in. I think it's a top file - but then I'm a good friend of the person who made it

    Hope this helps.


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    Just a thought, but if you are a hypnosis neophyte then my guide to adult baby hypnosis might be worth a read:
    A brief guide to adult baby hypnosis


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    This is so wonderful! Thank you so much for contributing this, and huge thanks to the hypnotist for letting you use these. I'll be trying them out for sure. It's been years since I have undergone regression hypnosis. I remember it leaving me just happy and relaxed so very much.

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    Well, wow. It was certainly a fun listen. I have to say, your friend sounds an awful lot like Gillian Andersson, which is quite awesome indeed. She is very good at speaking, and even though I didn't really reach a deep trance I still enjoyed it and was able to thoroughly relax. Well, well worth my time. Thank you for the link!

    On the factual side however, she does have a few things wrong. There are multiple studies that disaproves Miller's "Magical number 7 plus minus 2", and they indicate that the working memory can store something more in the vicinity of 4-5 plus minus 2 units. Plus, noticing and thinking about physical perception cannot be compared to formulating mental imagery of things, they involve two different mental processes and shouldn't be compared in the way she does. Still, overall, I didn't really find this detracting from my overall experience. Good job to Arkadia.

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