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Thread: Who knows about your bedwetting

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    Default Who knows about your bedwetting

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here so apologies if this has been discussed before.

    I have always been very secretive about my bedwetting. If anyone finds out I usually try to avoid them afterwards. That's probably not a very good strategy. My close family and one mate know about my problem but I avoid the subject wherever possible.

    So question is really should I be a little bit more open about it? If so any tips on how to explain it to others?

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    I'd say my mom. Probably because she does my laundry and I'm embarrassed when I wet the bed.

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    I've told quite a few people that I'm incontinent. My partner, obviously, and my daughter, so I don't have to hide anything at home. My manager at work, so I could have access to the disabled toilets (which are kept locked and those who need them are given a key). And a couple of friends that I went on a weekend trip away with in September; again the reason I told them was so I wouldn't have to be secretive.

    I've lost count of the number of medical people I've seen, obviously they all know too.

    How do I do it? I just say "I've got a medical problem which has made me incontinent so I have to wear nappies." And that's it. I don't offer any more info than that unless they ask for it.

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    I grew up as a bedwetter.... well there was a short stretch of time where I supposedly wasn't wetting the bed... but not for long...
    then it stopped like suddenly when I was mid-fifteen ... and returned, worse than ever, when I was about 21.

    so from my kid-days most of the close relatives and some friends did know - that of course was almost inevitable... I'm glad my parents never made an obviously big deal out of this and I was never regarded as "odd" ... sure school and some school-trips were horror moments in my life... some turned out to be quite ok,... other moments I wish not to ponder too long about.
    but when it stopped most assumed it did so for good...

    when the bedwetting came back (at 21) I was in a relationship... (same girl still with me today, almost 12 years later). so she knows and is ok with it...
    two of my best long time friends do know... and simply don't "care" about it... has never been an issue - I guess that's with good friends.
    Then my dad knows I'm back at it... my mom supposedly doesn't (long story... but I had no desire to let her know... on the other hand I've got an amazing relationship with my dad and we went / still do go hunting and mountaineering together quite often... so he was almost bound to know... he's ok with it and still doesn't make a deal out of it and promised not to tell.
    other than those? one coworker knows ... and we're good buddies... have been working with him for about 8 years and he's easy.
    Well we have to travel lots for work, and sometimes sharing a room, car, etc. was involved. I told him and said that it was related to a motorcycle accident I had (back injury)... as mentioned elsewhere, the accident was real... and really bad, nearly crippled me - I was VERY lucky to survive... though the bedwetting & slight IC issues are not related it's an easy "blame" and no one will think weird of it....

    besides this? I guess some people suspect it... I'm not too keen on stay-overs ...
    oh and the wife of one of my best buddies is in the know too - we had rented a motorhome (myself, gf, my buddy and his wife) to tour around europe.... was a real fun ride.
    but of course that made it kind of difficult to hide - so I didn't bother and sat her down and told her... motorcycle story again.
    Both my friend and my GF do know that the Motorcycle accident was not the causing factor - but I explained them both long ago that I'm more comfy telling it this way without having anyone trying to "analyze" my childhood and all of that.

    That's it...

    I try to keep it "close" - but not so hard as it would cut my life and the joy I take in living it to the fullest.
    And if that involves having to tell anyone, I have no big problem

    I have found that any mature adult is able to deal with this... as long as I don't make it into an odd complicated thing...

    and if ever anyone would make fun of it, I still could beat the living daylights out of him

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    Just my moms know that I am still peein my bed sometimes. Growing up my cuzo and aunt knew cause he was a bedwetter too. But he got luckily and stopped like around 8th grade.

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    My wife is really it. Other than a couple doctors and now my dad (whom I told because he is a doctor and I wanted his medical opinion). I'm still afraid people will get suspicious as to why I'm so at peace with wearing diapers to bed. Doctors think of it as a total defeat and untenable.

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    Its fairly common knowledge that I have problems, day and night.

    All my family know, the majority of my school and college all knew about it, and all the medical people I have seen obviously know about it.

    My boyfriend obviously knows, as he is an ABDL from this site it was quite easy to tell him. He's the only person I am totally comfortable with talking about it to though. If he has any questions I will answer them all for him because I know he wouldn't tease me for it or anything, and that he is supportive of it.

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    Default Re: Who knows about your bedwetting

    I don't bedwet tbh, I just leak when gravity plays its part I guess, everyone that wants to know knows, my Dad gave me a right rollocking for talking about it with my Mum in front of him, so I can't discuss it with my Mum any more. :-(

    A lot of my facebook friends will read about my problems on my wall, it's not something I keep secret although I am secretly ashamed of being this way, although being open about it, slightly reduces that shame. I've always been open and honest about every and any subject apart from nookies, that's due to various forms of abuse in life though, otherwise I would be open about that too.

    Saying that, when my own Mum had carpal tunnel surgery done on both wrists, (well before I fell ill, when I used to go over and do cleaning for her) I wasn't physically capable of washing her mammaries or private bits, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Even with a flannel or sponge, so not actually directly touching them heheh.
    *blush* she joked about how my Sister would have done it without "batting an eyelid" but she [my Sister] got caught giving fellation to a fella right in front of the CCTV in the Castle Grounds, so she was no shy person when it came to talking about or acting out adult topics rofl! :-)

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    The way I see it the real question for me as a child was, and as an adult is, who needs to know. As a kid I had two friends when I was a teen that knew. One was my best friend and I had to tell him because he was always wanting to go into my room. Once he knew the burden of keeping the secret was gone. My family also knew and I'm sure my mom blabbed to my grandmother and aunts. Doctors also knew of course.

    As an adult when I have had problems I have really seen no need to tell anyone other than perhaps a doctor. If you are married or have a serious girlfriend they will need to know. But others, unless there is a good reason, I would not necessarily go around telling them.

    So unless there is a reason to tell I would not be more open. For those who should know I would explain the issue and the protection, it really should not be a bit deal at all.

    When others find out I would wonder how this happened because it might reveal something that needs to be dealt with. I recall my ex telling me a couple of times that she had been to one of our friends home, she was single and living alone, and it smelled like pee. This actually happened a couple of times. Now the situation was obvious to me and should have been to my ex. To me this would signal a need to deal with wet diapers, soiled clothing and bedding.

    When someone asks, and for me it has been very rare, I just explain the situation and that is usually it.

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    I try not to tell anybody. Although my bldg mgr might know as she can see my full packs against the wall. I take all the precautions I can as to not get pee on the sheets

    or on the mattress. I always sleep in diaper, plastic pants, and a sleeper. My wet diapers go to the dumpster every morning so I don't notice any odors.

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