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Thread: Art Requests! For Funsies!

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    Lightbulb Art Requests! For Funsies!

    Hey folks! I'm interested in doing some fun sketches on the side and I love nothing more than drawing for cubs who just need some art.

    So if you would like the chance at getting a request drawn by me please kindly observe the following rules:

    1) Please post all the information in one post. Include refs if you can. I will be going by the information provided.
    2) Please only make a single request in this thread. If you get chosen you'll get art and if you get art you should let someone else have a turn.
    3) Absolutely no adult content. This should go without saying but my babyfur art is G-Rated and purely for the cute.

    Thanks so much for your interest! I'm happy to provide!

    Updated 11/06/12:
    I just wanted to thank everyone for the ideas! I haven't picked anyone quite yet as work has been pretty busy and I've yet to set my mind to drawing quite yet, but I appreciate all the requests. Once I find a day to sit and do some serious drawing I will probably look over the posts and if one really grabs me I'll be sure to use it. Otherwise I may utilize some sort of random drawing. Either way it'll be a surprise for the recipient(s)!

    Thanks again for your support! Hoping to have some fun drawing new cubs soon.

    P.S. Requests for non-furry characters are A-OK with me too. If you have a non-furry friend who might want a drawing I'll happily entertain a request for them. Might make a fun Christmas present, eh? ^.^
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    I'm not a furry, but! A white bunny, with a black spot over her left eye. Blue eyes, and diapered. Also, she's wearing a pink loltia dress and a big pink bow is in her hair. Thanks in advance.

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    REF: New maxi. by Stonemask -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Pink eyes please and padded. Other than that just have fun ^^

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    Oh oh oh, me!

    Could you possibly draw my fursona in a green footed sleeper looking really tired?
    Ref: My First Ref Sheet!! by Scar-Tiger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Thank you

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    Oh can I have it as well.

    I don't know about ref but someone special draw me fursona Archer by Scar-Tiger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net.

    I want me wear this shirt Click image for larger version. 

Name:	f0YFR.jpg 
Views:	224 
Size:	35.9 KB 
ID:	15156. But it is hard to built so this shirt is okay Click image for larger version. 

Name:	figsq,220x200,black,mens,ffffff.jpg 
Views:	142 
Size:	10.7 KB 
ID:	15157 but with this color Click image for larger version. 

Name:	OC_Template__Teen_Titans_by_Yumiko12345.jpg 
Views:	340 
Size:	10.2 KB 
ID:	15158. Oh of course diapered please preferably with baby design.

    Thank You So Much.
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    I'll take you up on your offer

    I've actually never had my fursona drawn as the breed it is now, so I do not have a reference picture. Apologies :P

    To start off, I am an Alaskan Malamute at the age of about two and a half. My facial fur pattern is identical to the one in this picture:

    As for the arms, legs, tail, and chest, I tried my hardest.

    My lack of well-done references aside, if you could, I would actually really enjoy having you draw my fursona as a young adult. If you choose this route, I would enjoy it if he were in some cute pose without any clothes on (but without genetalia, as this is G). As I said, I don't have a reference and it'd be nice to have one.

    If you only draw cubby art, I understand. If you go this route instead of my previous one, I'd enjoy it if I were to be laying on my tummy on the floor wearing a onesie that's blue and covered in dog bones and a black collar with a silver dog-bone shaped tag on it. A squeaky toy is held in my paws as I frantically gnaw at it with my teeth.

    Either way, I greatly appreciate the creation of this thread. You are very kind ^^ If I was unclear in any part of this request, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

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    Hey, I'd sure enjoy having my fursona drawn. Mine might not be as urgent though since I can do an o.k. job of my own, just takes a lot of time and effort though that i usually can't get to.

    Anyway, if you want to do mine, I'm like what my avatar shows, a blueish tint/white tiger. Dark blue hair, green eyes. If you end up taking mine, I'd love to see my fursona either playing in the mud digging a hole (as that is what i actually spent a lot of time doing as a kid) or playing with clay trying to make something (as that is what i actually love to do now.)

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    Err, I don't have a ref sheet as I'm terrible at art and no one else has drawn it for me o.o But I have a pretty good description of my fursona, so I hope that makes up for it Thanks a lot, whether you decide to do it or not :3

    My fursona's name is Marc. He is a fox with icy blue eyes that have flecks of hazel in them. His hair is short and spiky on top with slightly longer, straight bangs and is a faded red/orange color. His fur is mostly a very light gray, except around the tummy area where it darkens a tad. He also has two red tufts of fur on his cheeks that make him look like he's blushing. The end of his tail is the same color.
    Erm... If you're more comfortable with cub drawings, then I guess, as far as clothes go, a baggy green t-shirt and a diaper are all that he wears. As far as what he's doing, just sitting down and smiling would be pretty cool.
    Again, thanks a bunch, and good luck with the ones that you choose.

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    Tough... i have so many fursonas! Group pictures take lots of time. My major fursona now is a white dragon, with yellow eyes. His diaper could have stars and planets. The moon, the sun, stars, and saturn. All over the diaper. Disposable, of course, and possibly a bib with a dinosaur on it, wearing a diaper. I can draw him myself, but i would love to see another artist draw him. His name is Torterenek. I am sorry i couldn't post a ref pic. But i have very limited resources right now. This was the best i could do. His pose should be standing up, smiling. A full body pic. Possibly with a wet diaper, meaning the front images were faded like on pull-ups after a potty accident. :P but dry is fine, too.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wonder if you mean it really is completely random who gets the pic. Is this like a prize drawing? One person from each page gets a drawing?

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