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Thread: Have you noticed ?

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    Default Have you noticed ?

    That alot of people now a days that dont talk right. I mean come on, "yo wut up?" When you can easily say "Hey, hows it going?" It makes so much more sense and you wont sound stupid. I dont know what everyone else thinks, but personally it gets on my nerves. LOL

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    Eveyone tries to be cool and trendy, whatever they here other people useing they mimic the same things.

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    I wonder if this doesn't happen with every generation. I haven't asked anyone if they had stupid slang when they were younger, but I imagine that's the case. They'll either grow out of it or get left behind.

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    I HATE memes and chatspeak. It's not impressing anyone. Speak with intelligence.

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    I don't use slang since it sounds rather stupid to me.

    however I laugh at this- "Don't call me stupid, Stupid."

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    it's just slang. every generation has their own version. and "hay, how's it going" is also incorrect. it's just last generation's slang.

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    Personally, I tend to tailor my word choice depending upon who is listening. Too proper or improper will both cause headache for the speaker. Chat speak, hip-hop slang, and Old English annoy me greatly. Beyond that, I don't care as long as I easily understand what is being said.

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    Aight, dawg, listen to ma words. Ya see, language changes and, like, evolves, n' stuff like that. There's nothin you can do about it. Every generation, like, has their own slang. Can ya dig it?

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    I talk in internet speak to my friends. My chance of getting me some girly action is about < 20% so, it doesn't really matter. Why even try to not be not cool?

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    Oh daddy-o, be cool. Don't let the steam out of the kettle. Every generation has had it's street language. We used to drive our parents crazy. Hip hop is a lot more rad, though. Well, catch you on flip side cat.

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