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    Question Cuddlz size


    I am a bit "confused" about the Cuddlz-diaper size. The medium diaper has a size range from 76 to 96 cm, pretty narrow for a medium diaper, and the large size has a range from 86 to 142 cm, which is a huge range.

    Can anyone tell me, how large is the Cuddlz medium compared to Abena M4 and or Tena Slip medium?

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    my experience is the Cuddllz design from a few years ago, but it was*slightly* smaller than an M4 or Tena Medium. What waist size are you? I'm between a 30-32" and they were a comfortable fit.

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    Around the upper edge for the medium sizing with Cuddlz, but have no problem fitting Abena and Tena medium, and have the experience, that their large are way too large for me. So I go for medium

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    Cuddlz diapers medium fit me and my 38" (last time I measured myself, I may be a little smaller than that now) waist. There wasn't much room to fit any larger than that.
    I haven't tried large, but I have seen my boyfriend who is the same size as me wearing a large. It fitted him and it worked, he didn't leak. But you could visibly tell it was a bit too big for him.

    As for comparing them. Abena have quite a generous fit on their M4s so cuddlz are definitely noticeably smaller, but I would say if you were to compare it to a tena slip maxi in medium the sizing is roughly the same. The absorbency is also about the same as a slip maxi too.

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    I have both Abena M4's and Cuddlz. Abena M4's mediums are definitely a little bigger than Cuddlz Medium. I have a 33" waist and both diapers fit me well.

    As far as absorbency goes both are great and pretty similar. However I found plastic M4's to absorb better than the cloth versions. Unfortunately only cloth is available now.

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    I've tried both Cuddlz medium and Abena medium, and the Cuddlz were slightly smaller. I also had 4 out of 8 tapes fail on the two cuddlz samples I bought. I won't buy them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    I've tried both Cuddlz medium and Abena medium, and the Cuddlz were slightly smaller. I also had 4 out of 8 tapes fail on the two cuddlz samples I bought. I won't buy them again.
    Thats the big problem with Cuddlz. They don't have consistency with their product quality. On one order you may get a pack of diapers and find there are no tapes fitted to the diaper at all, and you have to use duct tape, or complain. (it only happened once with me) other times they will be perfect and there are 4 tapes there, and all stick no problem.

    If you order one week you will get something totally different to if you order the week after. Different diaper thickness, different absorbency levels, varying tape stickyness... and it doesn't stop there. Their clothing is the same too. Size is never right, and they aren't made the same. I saw their onesies, some people got them with 4 snaps, mine had 5, someone else's had 6 on the bottom.

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