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Thread: Wait...what do you mean I'm not a teenager anymore?

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    Default Wait...what do you mean I'm not a teenager anymore?

    This is sad. Oh so very sad.

    It's my twentieth birthday today. My teen years are behind me, which is incredibly bittersweet.

    I love the fact that I'm not a teenager. But I also hate it. It's like 7 years of my life flew by just like that.

    But I guess all I can do is look forward, eh?

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    Happy Bday and your still young tho 20 in many states in the US don't mean adult hud lol, I am 24 and I feel old but that's cos of needing to grow up fast I had many of my younger years taken way really so ya, no matter what age we are we can still act the age we want to be

    Hugs, hope you have a nice day

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    Congradulations on your 20TH birthday.
    but don't worry about it like they say age is just a number( especially here). So no matter what you'll always be a teen in our eyes. so take a deep breath, relax, because Its Your Birthday.
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear
    happy birthday to you.

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    Not much changes I'd assume. Itll be alright.

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