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Thread: What would you do?

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    Default What would you do?

    So, if you had the chance to buy 3 cases of diapers (288 total) for only 20 bucks, but the brand was only so-so (Nu-Fit)...

    Would you?

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    I think it depends on how you would use them. I use lighter weight diapers as well as heavier, depending on when and where. If you wanted a whole lot of diapers to play in during the day, have that diaper feel, and figure that you're going to change out of them when they reach capacity, it might be a very good deal.

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    they'd make good "lounging around the house" diapers. For when you don't care to waste a quality diaper. One that you can just wear for an hour or two of time you have to spare before going to work/school, that you can just rip off and toss and not feel like you've wasted anything. I'm wearing a medium breyo right now. Those are $35 for a case of 96. Same idea here atm. But you've got a much better deal there than I do. If stashing that much padding isn't a problem for you, definitely go for it. I'll change into a fresh bellisimo for bedtime

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    If I had the space to hide them then sure because a deal like that doesn't come around everyday, you could use them as stuffers or you could use them during the day if you want something more discreet. They may not be the best diapers but I could see myself using those diapers for some reason.

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    For the cost, I wouldn't hesitate for an instant. Nu fit are not that bad really, and that just means you can change them more often. Find some cheap stuffers and your will be set for weeks.

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    I would yes, I've been dying to find a cheap diaper that I can just lounge around in instead of wasting my good quality ones. I still have not succeeded.

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    I would buy them, and I'd buy boosters to help increase the capacity. Unbacked boosters are really cheap.

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    get em! I will note however, I have bought incontinence products in the past that were such poor quality that they ended up getting dumped, or to catch a roof leak several years later

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    Quote Originally Posted by OntheDL View Post
    So, if you had the chance to buy 3 cases of diapers (288 total) for only 20 bucks, but the brand was only so-so (Nu-Fit)...

    Would you?
    As stuffers, sure. Though if you're getting them for 30 cents each then they will not hold much more than a single wetting.

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